Jeff Adee

Headhunter Bow Strings

Jeff Adee is president of Headhunter Bow Strings, which has facilities in Milton, Wisconsin, and Meeker, Colorado. He and his brothers Brad and Brian bought the 29-year-old company in 2011. Adee served on the ATA Board from April 2014 to March 2018. Headhunter Bow Strings was reelected in April 2020 and will serve a four-year term through March 31, 2024. Adee previously served as vice chair.

Adee said he plans to use his 35-plus years of business experience to ensure all ATA members are prepared to handle “the ever-changing business climate we’re experiencing.” He said the past few years have been challenging for the industry, but many companies are succeeding. He hopes the ATA can work with successful companies to identify best practices and share them with all members.

Adee also wants to focus on industry growth.

“The ATA is doing some amazing things to get kids into archery and make the sport more accessible to everyone,” Adee said. “The R3 program (recruit, retain and reactivate) is critical right now as the number of hunters continues to decline. Not only is that important to the archery industry but it’s critical to the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.”

Like most members of the ATA, the Adee Brothers are passionate about conservation and increasing hunting participations numbers. Headhunter Bow Strings works to promote archery in the Meeker and Milton communities by starting tournaments, sponsoring shooters and tournaments, and coaching 4H and S3DA archers. Adee hopes to encourage other ATA members to get involved with their communities.

January 11-13, 2023

Indianapolis, Indiana