Rob Kass

Bowtech, Inc.

Rob Kass is the CEO for Bowtech Archery, a family of brands that also includes Excalibur crossbows, Diamond archery, Black Gold bowsights, TightSpot quivers, and Ripcord rests. He joined Bowtech and the ATA Board in 2019.

Before Bowtech, Kass was President of Gerber Knives which was a great introduction to the Outdoor Sporting Goods industry. Kass also worked for companies such as American Standard and Black & Decker, after starting as a helicopter cockpit designer at Sikorsky Aircraft. Kass has a BS in Engineering Psychology from Tufts University and an MBA from New York University.

“Bowtech is proud to be a member of the ATA,” Kass said. “We represent several prominent brands in the industry. Therefore, we have a responsibility to help address critical issues facing our industry. We will do our part to bring more consumers into archery, and make manufacturers and retailers more successful in the process.”

Kass previously served on similar directory boards in the kitchen cabinet, and the knife and tool industries. Based upon these positive experiences, he is well aware of the positive influence ATA can and does have on our industry and all of our enthusiasts.

January 9-11, 2020

Indianapolis, Indiana