Ryan Shutts

Bear Archery

Ryan Shutts is Bear Archery’s Director of Product Management. He leads Bear Archery and its brands, which include Bear, Trophy Ridge, Cajun Bowfishing, Rocket Broadheads, SIK, Fletcher Archery and BearX Crossbows.

Shutts was first elected to the Archery Trade Association’s Board of Directors to represent Cabela’s in April 2017. He filled Bear Archery’s seat in December of 2019.

Shutts started with Cabela’s in 1999. At Cabela’s he has worked in several departments, including dogs, archery, optics, waterfowl, fishing, camping, big- and small-game hunting, and more. His previous roles include director, category buyer and internet product manager. Bear Archery hired him as its Director of Product Management in Dec 2017.

Shutts enjoys all aspects of the archery industry, manufacturers, distributors, state agencies, sales-rep groups, and retailers large and small. He believes the industry’s many groups must work together to ensure archery’s continued growth.

“We can all play a part in the future of archery and bowhunting,” Shutts said. “Getting anyone to hunt or participate in a shooting activity, like a 3-D shoot, with any kind of bow, is a win for the sport’s future.”

Shutts hopes to help the ATA boost bowhunting and archery participation by educating others about the joys of archery, bowhunting and time spent outdoors.

“My position on the Board is very important to me,” Shutts said. “The ATA is a great organization that’s focused on the future of archery as a sport and industry.”

January 7-9, 2022

Louisville, Kentucky