Teresa Williams

Vice Chair; 3Rivers Archery

Teresa Williams is CEO for 3Rivers Archery, a multi-channel retailer in Ashley, Indiana, that serves traditional archers nationwide. Williams has worked in traditional archery retailing for over 15 years. She was elected to the ATA Board in April 2017 and currently serves as vice chair.

“I’m excited to represent 3Rivers Archery in such an esteemed role in the archery community, and humbly welcome the opportunity,” Williams said. “Archery has been my passion in life for the last 16 years, both professionally and personally, so I’m eager to help the industry empower future opportunities and protect our lifestyle.”

In her position at 3Rivers Archery, Williams manages circulation, analytics, database marketing and the overall health of 3Rivers Archery.

Ben Summers, chair of the ATA Board of Directors and Vice President of T.R.U. Ball/AXCEL, commented on the diversity Williams brings to the ATA Board: “I'm very excited to work with one of the giants in recurve and traditional archery. Teresa's election gives the ATA Board an even broader spectrum of archery expertise and brings us back to our roots as an organization by promoting the purest form of archery.”

Williams’ retailing experience helps her leverage analytics to understand the archery industry’s past and current success, and facilitate future opportunities. Her focus on traditional archery helps the ATA understand the needs of growing numbers of recreational archers and bowhunters who enjoy traditional archery’s authenticity.

During her term, Williams plans to address MAP violators; recruit new generations of archers; and work to protect bowhunting, bowhunters and their privileges in conservation. She also intends to help develop educational and regulatory resources that help dealers, manufacturers and distributors succeed in the industry.

January 11-13, 2023

Indianapolis, Indiana