Timmy Thomas

Morrell Targets

Timmy Thomas, 59, is a retired jet engine mechanic for the U.S. Air Force, former pro-shop owner, archery education coordinator for multiple state game and fish departments, and a Level 4 USA Archery coach. Tim is currently working as the national director for Archers USA and a consumer education and outreach representative for Morrell Manufacturing, Inc.

Timmy and his wife, Kathy, are celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary this year. Kathy is a registered nurse. They reside in Alma, Arkansas.

For as long as Tim can remember, he has been an avid bowhunter. The desire to become a hunter started with growing up in Indiana. As he furthered his career in the U.S. Air Force, he found hunting to be a great escape while restationing around the United States.

Over Tim's 21-year career in the Air Force, his love for archery expanded. In 2000, Tim moved to Alaska to pursue his hunting passion. He also opened a pro shop called Full Draw Archery. While operating his store, he was an active volunteer in teaching bowhunter education for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. After a few years of volunteering, Tim was offered a position with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as the hunter education and archery coordinator. He closed his shop and hasn't stopped since.

As the hunter and archery education coordinator and NASP coordinator, Tim introduced many people to archery. He was also very active with the Alaskan Bowhunters Association. Tim eventually became the president when they battled a ballot initiative to ban bear baiting. It was defeated at the ballot box.

In 2012, Tim decided to make the move back to the lower 48. He was blessed to land the archery education / NASP coordinator position with the Nevada Department of Wildlife. While in Nevada, Tim was also very involved in the bowhunting community and became the Bowhunters Association's vice president. Being back in the lower 48 also allowed Tim to pursue his passion for coaching. He was able to work his way up to a Level 4 USA Archery coach. During this time, his involvement in target archery expanded and more opportunities became available.

During his time working with state agencies, Tim became friends with Bernie and Dale Morrell of Morrell Manufacturing, Inc. Dale approached Tim with the concept of bridging the gap between NASP and other archery disciplines to propel introductory archers into advanced archery.

While working with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, Tim saw the effects of introductory archery stall. He was excited with the idea of providing a solution to the declining sales of state licensing by implementing an advanced archery education initiative that could bridge the gap between both disciplines.

When it was time to leave government work, Tim continued his archery path by working with Morrell on a project to advance the basic skills kids were learning in school. This partnership led to a move from Nevada to Arkansas.

Today, Tim continues to work with state agencies, schools, clubs, and organizations to advance archery programming. He also runs a nonprofit that helps put more advanced equipment in the hands of archers.

"I come to the Board with no specific agenda," Thomas said. "I truly only want to advance what I consider to be the greatest sport there is: One without limitations that brings peace, focus, and calm, which has been a great source of joy and meditation."

January 11-13, 2023

Indianapolis, Indiana