Trade Show

Stalk Bowhunting’s Greatest Innovators

Jon Munson, vice president, and Kenny Hekhuis, president of Buck Cuffs show their new deer-hauling product.

Author: Patrick Durkin

As you begin your final day at the ATA Trade Show, consider scouting the “Innovation Zone,” which features 29 new companies along the rear wall of the Show’s North Wing.

Brian VanderGraff, center, president of Sherpa Hunting, discusses his product that converts a climbing treestand into a game cart.

Whether you’re looking for …

  • A unique way to convert your climbing treestand into a game cart (see Sherpa Hunting, Booth IZ-20),
  • A quick, secure lock for your trail cameras and treestands (see Guardian Hunting, Booth IZ-18),
  • A scope ring that holds a steel shield to protect your crossbow scope from damage and the sun’s glare (see Forward Tactical, IZ-21),
  • A pocket-sized deer-hauling device (see Buck Cuffs, Booth IZ-6), or scents, camo patterns, food-plot plantings and other innovative products, start exploring your options.

Simply enter the North Wing of the Kentucky Exposition Center, turn right and walk till you hit the wall. Literally.

Based on how many retailers were exploring the Innovation Zone on Wednesday, consider starting there early today before the crowds roll in.

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