Trade Show

‘Sunday Shopping’ at ‘Featured Products’ Area

New from Montana Decoy is a cow-elk decoy.

Author: Patrick Durkin

As you browse the centrally located Featured Products area in the South Wing of the ATA Trade Show, you might feel like you’re roaming a car dealer’s lot on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s just you, the latest and greatest archery/bowhunting products, and whatever information a manufacturer provides on the table below. That’s usually just a placard that names the product, manufacturer and booth number; and maybe some pamphlets, information sheets or business cards.

No one asks if you need help or encourages you to ask questions. In fact, many “shoppers” enjoy the Featured Products area simply because they can mix leisure and business without worrying about intrusions from eager salespeople.

Sales rep Adam Gershon checks out miniature bows made by Gearhead Archery.

This year’s Featured Products area features 262 reserved table-top spaces, which require 153 6-foot tables covering 25 booth spaces. Check it all out before heading home today!

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