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These Seminars Will Line Your Pockets

Photo Credit: Shannon Rikard

Author: Cassie Scott

In business, knowledge is your best friend. The more you know about sales, products, marketing and your customers, the better off you are. Attend one of our seminars created specifically to help you grow revenue and increase efficiency to gain success through knowledge.

The ATA Academy presents 33 free seminars at the 2017 ATA Trade Show. All seminars are held from 7:15 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. each morning of the show in rooms 130 – 139.

These 12 seminars were designed to deliver a pocket-filled punch. We aren’t talking the fruit variety either, rather cold hard cash. Stock up on money saving tips to help your business become more profitable. Pick your favorite 60-minute sessions and remember your pen and paper.

Tuesday, Jan. 10

ARRO Buying Group: Making More Profit by Martin Stubstad

Become more profitable by joining the most profitable buying group.  You will make more money in archery sales guaranteed. Qualified dealers will be signed up at the 2017  ATA show. Room 131

Marketing Strategies to Grow and Maintain your Military and Veteran Consumer Base by Steven Lenoir & Charlie Budd

Learn about business strategies to make your shop more appealing to military and veteran customers, and how to increase your profit from this consumer group. Room 132

Branded Apparel Creates a Competitive Advantage for Independent Retailers by Michael Swan

With an increase in Home Brand hunting apparel filling up the floor space of many large retailers, learn about the competitive advantage and opportunities independent retailers have to be the trusted advisors of specialized gear to consumers. Room 133

Marketing Sporting Products to Women by Amanda MacDonald

Women are the fastest growth area in sports but are not marketed to directly in many cases. Fifty percent of all products marketed to men are actually purchased by women, and by 2017 younger women will have more spending power than any other generation in history. Room 135

Best Practices of Successful Ranges presented by Kelly Branch

Range management ideas to help maximize one’s bottom line on their range and drive sales to the pro shop and retail showroom. Room 137

Grow Your Business and Create Supplementary Income by Nicole Nash

ATA’s retail growth initiative is a series of business concepts that generates additional income and attracts new customers.  The session covers concepts proven from member shops of various sizes, including websites, classes and events, marketing, partnerships, social media and business operations. Member Services Area, Exhibit Hall F

In business, the more you know about sales, products, marketing and your customers, the better off you are. These 12 seminars will give you the information you need to grow revenue and increase efficiency. Photo Credit: Shannon Rikard


Survival Guide for Archery Retailers by Randy Phillips

Come learn from the top archery retailers in the industry as they share their secrets to survival in this ever-changing economy. Learn how to double your range revenue in just a few months, simple ways to reduce your overhead through increasing your efficiency and how to run a complex market plan with no effort or cost. Room 133

Increased Revenue through Proper Fletching Techniques by Greg Misner, Bob Potter & Niki VanderMeulen

The Bohning Company will communicate suggestions and lessons learned from over 70 years as an industry leader in fletching and arrow-building accessories. Attendees will learn proper fletching techniques including shaft preparation, repair, helical vs. off-set vs. straight fletching, resources for your customer and how to profit from using these techniques. Room 134

Pricing & Purchasing Strategies for the Independent Retailer by Alex Cameron

Learn how to develop purchasing and pricing strategies that will help achieve long and short-term financial goals while maximizing profits.  Emphasis will be on margin versus markup and developing a purchasing strategy that allows for efficient inventory management and greater profitability. Room 137

10 Tricks to $10k by Aaron Lasco

After 20 years of owning a pro shop that generated nearly $1 million/year, Aaron Lasco has learned a few secrets to ensure profitability. Now a manufacturer, Aaron is here to share tips and tricks from his experiences to help other dealers succeed. Room 139

Seminars are held in room 130 - 139 every morning of the Show from 7:15 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. Remember to bring your pen and paper! Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo


Modern Day Ballistics of Hunting Arrows by David Hand

Increase sales by understanding the mechanics behind kinetic energy and how to assist your customers in making better choices for a successful hunt. Learn the basics of kinetic energy, momentum and how to best optimize the selection of the right arrow for maximum down range penetration. Room 132

Understanding Bow Fit and Balance, Plus Shooting Form by Bernie Pellerite

Do you want steady sales? Then help your customers hold steadier and shoot better groups by matching them to the right bows, while offering insightful tips on aiming, bow balance and shooting form. Master Coach Bernie Pellerite. Room 135

If these money-making seminars aren’t your forte, view the complete list of seminars. You’ll also benefit by reading our article, “Seminars Bring It, and “It” is Way More Than a FREE Breakfast,” by Amy Hatfield, for four additional reasons to attend our seminars and get the most out of your experience.

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