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Trade Show FAQs: 14 Tips for ATA Exhibitors

The ATA Trade Show is the archery and bowhunting industry’s largest, most inclusive show. The Show’s complete exhibitor kit guides exhibitors through the entire exhibiting process, from reserving booth space to displaying their products in the Convention Center.
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Author: Patrick Durkin

Exhibitors bound for the ATA Trade Show usually have a thousand concerns, questions and assumptions as they rush into Indianapolis while unpacking gear, hauling it through the Convention Center, and setting up their booth for three hectic days of business.

To help address those challenges, we contacted the ATA Trade Show office and spoke with Becky Lux, senior manager of Trade Show; Kayla Becker, member support manager; and Wendy Lang, membership and Trade Show assistant, to learn what exhibitors ask about most often while arriving and setting up. Let’s get started!

What’s the easiest, fastest way to get in, get out and find answers without talking to anyone?

Consult your “2017 Complete Exhibitor Kit,” a 179-page booklet that explains everything about exhibiting at the 2017 ATA Trade Show. If you didn’t receive the kit by mail – or your business partner left it at the first wayside – no problem. Just click here. Read it online or save it as PDF for future reference.

Where do we unload our vehicle and/or trailer?

Pull up to the Marshaling Yard at 602 W. Ray St., and check in to use the loading docks. Click here for the Marshaling Yard Map and Directions, and click here for the Marshaling Yard Hours.

How about if I just park out front instead?

You cannot park at entrances to the Indiana Convention Center to unload unless you’re carrying in your packs and boxes by hand. You cannot bring two- or four-wheeled carts through these doors. You must be able to carry everything in your arms. If you need to use carts, check in at the Marshaling Yard, unload your vehicle at the loading docks, and then load your carts.

What if I forgot to order curtains, tables, carpeting and electrical services for our booth?

Turn to Page 79 in your “Complete Exhibitor Kit,” and call or email Shepard Exposition Services. Shepard also has representatives at the Show to help.

To avoid making several trips back and forth to the car and/or trailer during ATA Trade Show setup, check in to the Marshaling Yard at 602 W. Ray St in Indianapolis, and use the loading docks. Photo Credit: ATA

Must I wear an ATA Trade Show badge during setup?

Yes. And so does everyone who’s helping you. You will not be allowed on the Show floor before, during or after the Show unless you’re displaying your personalized 2017 ATA Trade Show badge, which includes your name.Everyone must register and wear their individual badges. Online registration remains open through the Show.

How many Show badges can we get?

Exhibitors get complimentary badges based on their booth size. Booths 100 to 1,000 square feet receive four free badges per 100 square feet, and two per shooting lane. Booths larger than 1,000 square feet receive four free badges per 100 square feet for the first 100 square feet, and then one free badge for each additional 100 square feet, and two per shooting lane. Innovation Zone exhibitors receive two free badges.

What if we need more badges than that?

Manufacturer exhibitors can buy unlimited numbers of additional badges for $125 each.

I’m registered for the Show. How do I get my Show badge?

If you registered for the 2017 ATA Trade Show in advance, you should have received an email confirmation from That email included your “Express Pass” with your name, badge number and barcode. You should have printed everyone’s badges and packed them for the Show. Once at the Show, visit an Express Pass kiosk to get your badge, badge holder and lanyard. If you find an error or have questions once on site, visit the Show’s main registration counter.

Who can use our exhibitor badges?

Always register under the correct membership and badge type. Only representatives employed by the exhibiting company, and those working in the booth, can register as exhibitors. Sales personnel who represent multiple companies must wear a “Sales Rep” badge.

What happens if I share my badge or received a badge using a false certification?

Sharing exhibitor badges, false certification as an exhibitor representative, or using any other method to help unauthorized people gain admission to the Show floor are subject to $200 penalties per badge and/or ejection from the Trade Show.

The ATA Trade Show follows the cubic content rule, which allows exhibitors to make maximum use of their booth space vertically and horizontally. Photo Credit: ATA

Can I bring my children to the Show?

Although few children attend, the Show is open to everyone 18 and under, but they must register for a “Minor Child” badge. These badges have “GUEST” as the badge type. They do not count against the allowed badges per company. Youths and children must be accompanied by an adult on the Show floor. The ATA Trade Show is business-to-business event. Everyone must help promote a professional environment.

Note: No one under age 16 can be on the Show floor during setup and move out.

Is internet available on the Show floor?

ATA provides complimentary Wi-Fi for exhibitors. This service is up to 1.5 MB, and can be used for email, general web browsing, entering client data, transferring files, and streaming non-HD videos. We do not recommend this service for critical functions such as presentations or product demonstrations. Also, personal Wi-Fi hotspots might not work. We ask that you turn yours off to reduce interference with the free Wi-Fi service.

What can and can’t I do with my booth display?

The ATA Trade Show follows the cubic content rule, which allows exhibitors to make maximum use of their booth space vertically and horizontally. That is, you can use your entire cube of booth space, wall to wall, floor to the maximum allowable height (12 feet high for less than 400 square feet, or 25 feet high for more than 400 square feet). We do not have set-back rules. Make sure the back of any booth walls, and those shared with neighboring booths are finished and free of graphics.

Can I sell my product at the Show?

The ATA Trade Show is a business-to-business order-writing show. Few attendees expect to purchase items to take home. They write orders for future delivery for their store. Exhibitors who sell new or used items directly to attendees must have a BT1 Retail Merchants Certificate from the Indiana Department of Revenue. Exhibitors can apply by calling (317) 233-4017. The fee is about $25. Visit for more information.

Do you have other questions?  Contact Becky Lux, senior manager of Trade Show, (866) 266.2776 Ext. 102; or at

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