KEC Parking Info

The Kentucky Exposition Center has more than 19,000 parking spaces. Exhibitors can enter and park in the KEC lot free of charge on set-up days, January 8 and 9. Exhibitor should inform the gate attendant you are there to set-up as an exhibitor. Exhibitors who need to use the loading docks must report to the Marshalling Yard and pay applicable fees. Please see Marshalling yard information for further directions and cost.

There are five entry gates at the Kentucky Exposition Center. If you are planning to use a GPS, you will reach your destination when you arrive at Gate 1. However, for faster access into the facility, you may use Gates 2, 3, 4 or 6.

Parking Passes

Purchasing online parking passes not only speeds up the entry process, but will save your guests money. If you purchase your parking “at the gate” the parking cost will be $10 and In / Out parking passes will be $15. Online parking passes are $8 single day and $12 In / Out.

Parking Pass Options

We offer three parking pass options online:

Single Day, Single Use

– This is your basic parking pass. It allows you to enter the property, but you cannot leave and come back without paying the parking fee again.

Single Day, In / Out

– This is your single day parking pass that allows you to come and go without further payment on the same day.

Full Event, In / Out

– This parking pass covers all the days of your event where the parking fee is charged and allows you to come and go as many times as you need during the event.

Purchase Passes

Single Day, Single Use

- Purchase a single day, single use pass.

Single Day, In / Out

- Purchase a pass for Thursday, Jan. 10.

- Purchase a pass for Friday, Jan. 11.

- Purchase a pass for Saturday, Jan. 12.

Full Event, In / Out

- Purchase a full event parking pass.

Public Entrances and GPS Address for Gates:

Gate 1 (Main Gate)- 3901 Crittenden Drive, Louisville, KY 40209

Gate 2- 3741 Crittenden Drive, Louisville, KY 40209

Gate 3- 3741 Crittenden Drive, Louisville, KY 40209

Gate 4- 2801 Crittenden Drive, Louisville, KY 40209

Gate 6- 3328 Preston Highway, Louisville, KY 40209

RV Parking

For information on RV parking at the Kentucky Exposition Center, please call 502-367-5380

To download parking pass information, click here.

For more information, contact Sarah Haala at or (507) 233-8131 ext. 101

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