Update Your Store Info, Win Big on Small Business Saturday

Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Author: Katelyn Rutland

Acorns are falling, bucks are rutting, and the air is getting crisper every day. Before you know it, you’ll be eating leftover turkey sandwiches while preparing for Small Business Saturday. Don’t you wish there was an online tool to drive customers to your store, and help you grow your customer base during the holidays?

Great news: That tool is already here, and it’s available to you because you belong to the Archery Trade Association. As an ATA member, your archery store can reap the benefits.

The ATA launched Archery 360 and Bowhunting 360 as content websites and social-media communities in 2013 and 2016, respectively. These platforms spark interest in archery and bowhunting, and equip beginners with resources to try archery and bowhunting right away. Those resources include a store locator with information about your archery shop.

Make sure your shop information is up to date before the holidays so we can steer customers to your archery store. Click here to visit the store locator, or follow the steps below.

1. Visit or and select “Where to Shoot” from the top toolbar.

2. The store locator uses your computer or mobile-device settings to auto-locate you.

3. If your location is incorrect, click “use current location,” or manually type your location into the dialogue box circled in the image below.

4. Find your store among the listings. Ensure the website, store hours, phone number, email address and physical address are all accurate.

5. To update your information, email Scott Gieseke, ATA’s information systems and membership manager. Click here to email Scott.


About Archery 360 and Bowhunting 360 delivers written and visual content to new archers who seek news, how-to, lifestyle, technology and entertainment pieces about archery. The site’s Archery 101 section educates visitors about different types of archery activities and equipment. builds off of Archery 360’s traction while addressing the need for a safe, encouraging community to recruit, retain and re-engage new and existing bowhunters.

Archery 360’s Archery 101 section introduces visitors to the different types of archery and each discipline’s equipment.

Archery 360 and Bowhunting 360 – both as websites and social-media channels – drive traffic to ATA-member stores through interactive photos, videos, how-to’s and online curriculum. Archery 360 and Bowhunting 360 present unique opportunities to promote your business via social media. Follow the communities on social media, look for posts relevant to your audience, and repost them to your company, brand or personal pages at any time. Click the links below to find Archery 360 and Bowhunting 360 on Facebook and Instagram.

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