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Want To Reach New Archery Customers? Consider Hosting Events.

Hosting archery events is a quick, easy way too promote sales. Are you ready to show customers a good time?
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Author: Scott Einsmann

Just about everyone who sees and handles a bow gets curious about trying archery. That means hundreds of potential customers just need a good invitation to start shooting.

Archery events can give people those opportunities. Well-organized in-store events help potential customers learn archery’s basics and see firsthand how much fun they can have shooting a bow. These events let people try archery in open, approachable settings, which is the first step in hooking them on the sport.

To get the most out of your range and bring new clients into your shop, try creating events to attract beginners. Here are some ideas to get started.

Date Night at the Range

A date night at the range can be as simple as a two-for-one deal on range time or as elaborate as a love-themed archery event. Photo Credit Gille Goings Blog

Couples always look for something fun to do together. Besides being the ultimate family-friendly sport, archery makes an excellent date-night activity.

For retailers, a date night at the range can be a simple two-for-one deal on range time, or an elaborate love-themed event. This could include Cupid decorations and heart-shaped targets to go with snacks and beverages to make your event stand out.

As with any introductory archery event, keep things fun, safe and casual. Don’t forget to promote it on social media and other community outlets. Once the word spreads, couples will ditch the movies and head to your shop.

Archery Parties

For birthday parties, try archery games and an archery piñata. Get the kids back into your store by raffling a free beginner’s archery lesson or offering a discounted lesson for returning guests. Photo Credit:

Birthday parties at your range can introduce the next generation of archers and bowhunters to the sport. Parties introduce large groups of children to archery, and create a buzz when they return to school. Kids who attend will talk about the fun they had, which sparks their classmates’ interest in archery.

For birthday parties, try archery games and an archery piñata. Raffle a free beginner’s lesson or offer a discount for fellow newbies they bring along. These are excellent ways to get kids back into your store.

Corporate Team Building

Archery is a fun way for working professionals to shed work stress and shoot together. Photo Credit:

Companies often take employees on excursions so they can socialize while building teamwork. Archery is a fun way for working professionals to shed some work stress and shoot together.

You can begin a team-building event with basic instruction, and then encourage them to pop balloons by shooting arrows. You’re never too old to pop balloons. Next, break the group into three-person teams to shoot Olympic-style rounds. The fast pace and excitement of team rounds gets people pumped about archery and creates return customers.

Leagues and Tournaments

Hosting a monthly archery tournament is another excellent way to get people more active in archery. Photo Credit: USA Archery

League night is an old staple of archery shops, and for good reason. Competition motivates archers to “buy” better scores by spending more time practicing at your range, which helps your cash flow. Monthly tournaments are also excellent ways to get people active in archery.

Group Lessons

Group lessons provide excellent exposure and give individuals with introductory exposure an opportunity to continue exploring archery. Photo Credit:

Youth and adult group lessons are a fun, social and cost-effective way to start people in archery. Group lessons can also give individuals who tried archery at an event a good way to further explore archery.

Explore ArcheryExplore BowfishingExplore Bowhunting and summer camps are also great ways to bring new customers into your shop.

No matter how you build your customer base, the ATA is committed to helping you and all ATA members get the support and services you need. If you have questions, our staff can help! Contact Nicole Nash, ATA manager of retail programs, at or (502) 640-0944 for more information.

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