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Was Justice Scalia in an Elite Hunting Society?

Justice Scalia
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Author: Taylor Walston

As the number of archers and bowhunters increases – to the tune of 21.6 million participants stateside – so does the amount of mainstream archery exposure.

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are right around the corner, and archery is making it’s way into all areas of the news, including politics, fashion and sports.  Check out the recent archery and bowhunting mentions in the Washington Post, HBO’s Real Sports and more.

Was Justice Scalia in an Elite Hunting Society?

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Washington Post article offers insight into the private life of Justice Antonin Scalia. The article reported that when Justice Scalia died at his Texas Ranch, he was surrounded by members of the International Order of St. Hubertus, an all-male, invitation-only sportsman’s club founded in the 1600s in the Czech Republic.

“The members wear dark green robes emblazoned with a large cross and the motto ‘Deum Diligite Animalia Diligentes,’ which means ‘Honoring God by honoring His creatures.’”

Grand View Outdoors said the Post article was written by journalists who studied documents and flight manifests that indicate Scalia attended a hunt at the Cibolo Creek Ranch with members of the St. Hubertus Society.

The ranch’s owner, John Poindexter, told the Post he knew of “no connection between that organization and Justice Scalia.”

USA Archery Wary of World Championships in Turkey

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A recent bombing in Turkey caused some Team USA competitors to skip the World Archery Championships in Ankara, which ran March 1-6.

The decisions to withdraw were not made by the team. USA Archery received word from World Archery, the U.S. State Department, and the United States Olympic Committee that travel remained open. Team USA reported:

“The feedback (was) to be cautious, but there (was) no travel restriction from any of these sources. Certainly, we do not want any archer to go to the competition if they feel unsafe, and we had several archers withdraw their participation in the event.”

Tom Dielen, general secretary of World Archery, said the attack was directed at military personnel, not civilians. “We keep monitoring things, but the championship will go ahead unless Turkish authorities decide to cancel, which I doubt,” Dielen said last week. We still consider the area we will be safe.”

7 Steps to Building Your Own Arrows

Grand View Outdoors offers a video by Jace Bauserman, editor of Bowhunting World. For hunters who want to practice in the off-season, the video demonstrates a “step-by-step process on how to cut, nock and install vanes on your brand-new shafts.”

Arrow Tattoo Designs

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Arrow tattoos are increasingly popular. They appeal not only to people with personal ties to archery, but to anyone who appreciates the underlying symbolism of bows and arrows. An arrow must be pulled backward before it’s launched toward the target, symbolizing that sometimes life pushes us backward in order to launch us toward future success.

Fabulous Design offers many ideas for archery tattoos for men and women, ranging from large sleeve pieces to dainty, subtle designs.

“An arrow stands for achievements of one’s goals in life by overcoming all hardships.”

Matt Stutzman Featured on HBO’s Real Sports

The “Armless Archer,” Matt Stutzman, launched himself to fame by winning the silver medal at the 2012 London Paralympic Games. Born without arms, Stutzman learned to use his feet for many tasks more commonly done with hands. This included archery. World Archery reports that Stutzman shared his parents’ tough-love advice while discussing his childhood with Real Sports producers. His parents told him:

“You can sit at home and cry and complain and mope about having no arms, but the reality is that they’re never going to come back. So we’re going to help you learn to live without them.”

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