What is Bowhunting 360? Here’s How It Affects Your Business

Bowhunting 360 helps ATA-memebr retailers grow by directing new customers to their stores and providing content they can use on their own websites and social media platforms.
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Author: Cassie Scott

The Archery Trade Association’s Bowhunting 360 program engages consumers, boosts bowhunting participation, and helps ATA-member retailers grow their business.

In other words, Bowhunting 360 strengthens the entire industry by increasing sales while promoting archery and bowhunting. Do you want to be a part of that action? No problem. It’s easy to get engaged!

Bowhunting 360 is many things. It’s an information-and-education website, and the hub of social-media communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Bowhunting 360 helps newcomers become bowhunters by making the sport real and accessible by providing in-depth information nationwide.

The ATA created Bowhunting 360 to recruit bowhunters, and retain and reactivate current and former bowhunters. The program is modeled after ATA’s Archery 360 website and social-media accounts, which capitalize on the popularity archery and bowhunting achieved in recent years with help from countless movies, TV shows and the Olympics.

Let’s review how Bowhunting 360 engages the public.

1. The ATA energizes consumers.

Bowhunting 360 aims to recruit, retain and reactivate bowhunters. It provides resources on gear, wildlife, hunting skills and more, making it easier for people to get started and stay engaged. Photo Credit:

Bowhunting 360 creates written and visual information for beginners and advanced bowhunters hoping to learn more about this fun activity’s tactics, lifestyles and technologies. This high-quality information ensures beginners have everything needed to try bowhunting. That includes venison recipes, wildlife biology, tips for field dressing deer, and fascinating details on new bows, arrows, accessories, trail cameras and other essential gear.

These articles also include specific “calls to action” for Bowhunting 360’s store locator. Learn more below.

2. The ATA’s store locator drives customers to you.’s interactive store locator pushes users to their nearest ATA-member retailer for expert advice and equipment needs. Photo Credit:

Whenever and wherever possible, Bowhunting 360 includes links and tabs that connect readers to the ATA’s store locator. In turn, that steers newcomers to the best place to get started: local archery stores, aka, your business. The store locator, first used on Archery 360, lets customers use their computers or mobile devices to find the nearest archery store. Each store listing includes its name, address, services, contact information and website link.

The locator also lists the services each business provides to ensure customers get the best experience possible. That’s why stores must keep their information and services up to date and accurate in the store locator’s system.

Take a moment to confirm or update your shop’s contact information in the member login portal on the ATA website. That quick check ensures customers can find you with the store locator. Or contact Wendy Lang, ATA’s membership manager, at (866) 266-2776 or for help. If you’ve changed your service offerings, tell Lang and she will update them.

3. Bowhunting 360’s content is free and readily shared.

Although Bowhunting 360 is packed with content to attract, excite and engage bowhunters, it’s not for the program’s exclusive use. ATA members can use and share all of it for free. ATA staff constantly update Bowhunting 360’s website and social media with fresh articles, videos and photos. That’s free, ready-to-publish content you can share on your own website or social media to keep your pages updated and relevant. That helps you engage your audience and grow your business by making your store a go-to source for information, equipment and expertise.

4. The ATA boosts content to reach new customers.

Bowhunting 360 creates content that drives consumers to the store locator, giving them the resources they need to try bowhunting. ATA promotes this content on social media to bring customers to YOU. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo.

The ATA regularly promotes Bowhunting 360’s content on social media. These promoted posts are paid advertising targeting specific audiences to extend the program’s reach and attract customers. Promoted posts appear on Facebook, which helps Bowhunting 360 inspire people to like, share and comment on posts they create, and drive customers to your shop with the store locator.

Bowhunting 360 builds off Archery 360’s foundation while fostering a safe, encouraging community to recruit, retain or re-engage bowhunters, whatever their background. All those things help you build a stronger, more profitable business.

To learn how else the ATA is working to help its members, click here.

Click the links below to find Archery 360 and Bowhunting 360 on Facebook and Instagram.

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