What’s SEO? Hint: It Boosts Your Business Online and In-Person

Use SEO best practices to improve your website’s visibility and attract more customers.
Photo Credit: Search Engine Land

Author: Cassie Scott

By learning the secrets of “search engine optimization,” or SEO, you’ll increase your business’s online visibility and attract new customers, which ultimately boosts your bottom line. You can also fine-tune your SEO for free while being productive when business is slow.

SEO’s Place Online

Your website is critical to your business because over 85 percent of consumers use search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google to find businesses, according to Yelp. Simply having a website, however, doesn’t guarantee that people searching for your business online will find it.

Search engines rank websites based on relevancy. The higher a website’s ranking, the easier people find it online. Websites must contain good links, content and keywords to improve their online ranking, which makes them more visible to consumers searching for relevant information.

And that brings us to SEO, a marketing tactic website managers use to grow their company’s visibility through organic, or unpaid, online searches. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO on notes that SEO encompasses technical and creative elements that improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

Let’s review some common SEO strategies to optimize your website for quick and effective search results. Besides growing your online audience, you’ll boost the number of customers coming through your doors.


Good SEO Tactics

– Publish Content Regularly said publishing content consistently helps you generate leads, boost brand awareness, engage your audience, establish authority and credibility, and improve website traffic and SEO. Regular updates to website content improve your search rankings and your customers’ user experience.

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– Use Good Keywords

“Keywords” are the words and phrases in your website’s content that help people find your site while using search engines. A website that’s optimized for search engines features the same keywords that potential visitors often use in their online searches. Essentially, keywords bridge the gap between your content and your target audience, uniting you with customers online.

To attract visitors to your website, your content must use keywords essential to your business, such as “bows,” “arrows,” “archery,” “bowhunting,” “broadheads,” “archery classes,” “archery equipment” and many more. To strategically identify keywords, ask yourself which questions your customers would search for in Google or other search engines. That could be, “Where can I find bowhunting accessories?” or “Where can I take archery lessons?” As you think of keywords, place them in your content.

– Check Your Internal Links

Click on your website’s links to ensure you don’t land on any “error” pages, which appear when links expire. Verify that visitors still have access to the content they requested. Search engines use links to discover your website’s structure, including how content is related and what its value might be. Links also help establish your website’s hierarchy. Check your internal links and fix broken links to strengthen your website.


To attract visitors to your website, your content must use keywords essential to your business, such as “bows,” “arrows,” “archery,” “bowhunting,” “broadheads,” “archery classes,” “archery equipment” and many more. Photo Credit: ATA.


A strong online presence can improve your in-store sales and customer base. To ensure that presence, step up your SEO tactics to improve your organic search rankings and grow your consumer reach.

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