Yeti Wins April Fools’ Day

Author: Taylor Walston

ATA member Yeti Coolers nailed April Fools’ Day this year by rolling out a campaign advertising “Melk” or “elk milk.”

And it was exactly what you’d expect. The ad successfully increased brand exposure by combining humor, beautiful scenery, believable music and hilarious quotes delivered with the gravity of a news report. The commercial was fronted by Jordan Shipley, a retired NFL player.

Shipley talks about his process for enchanting elk. “In terms of what I actually whisper to the elk, you know, Bob Dylan doesn’t tell you how he writes his songs, Picasso doesn’t tell you how he paints what he paints.”

Fellow NFL player Colt McCoy also appears, giving his testimony about Melk. “McConaughey man, I mean you saw what melk did for him in Dallas Buyer’s Club…I mean…guy won an Academy Award.”

The ad is so well done it actually looks like a real commercial. Shipley delivers comedic lines with a straight face as soothing, inspirational music plays in the background. If folks didn’t know better, they’d think this was a legitimate product.

To add to the reality, Yeti’s website has a page where you can buy the Melk Gift Pack. The fake item’s description jokes: “The Rambler Bottles keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Which means you can store your ice-cold melk for your morning cereal or keep your melk warm to get that right-out-of-the-elk taste.”

It even comes with fake quotes. McCoy says, “I can’t say that I’ve had it but, you know, to each his own.”

While this ad generates great laughs, don’t underestimate its clever depth. By creating something that people want to watch, even as a joke, it will drive traffic to your company.

Amy Hatfield, the Archery Trade Association’s director of content marketing, said: “Content marketing features the concept of pulling users into your product vs. pushing them toward it. This is a fantastic example of ‘pulling.’ You can see how successful the approach was for Yeti and their brand exposure. Watch how cleverly they folded their legit, actual products into the ‘Melk’ video so it seemed natural and relevant.”

Good point. A Yeti cooler sits next to Shipley in the scene where he strains the “melk.”

The ad gathered enough interest that the Washington Post included it in an article about this year’s best April Fools’ Day internet pranks.

Wesley Matthews Talks Archery Dreams

Dallas Mavericks player Wesley Matthews jumped on the April Fools’ bandwagon by announcing he’s going for archery gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Matthews is notorious for archery celebrations on the NBA’s basketball courts. He took this trademark and ran with it, claiming he realized he should try archery for real.

He told Mavs Moneyball: “It started as a joke. One of my friends suggested I take up archery because of my 3-point celebrations. At first I just laughed it off, but then I ended up going out to the range one day and took a beginner’s class. I was hooked immediately. I didn’t participate in any of the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in 2015 because of basketball and my injury rehab. However, I still believe there’s a chance.”

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