ATA Members and Partners Give Back During Pandemic

Let’s thank all the ATA members and partners who stepped up to COVID-19’s challenges.
Photo Credit: Scentlok

Author: Cassie Gasaway

The archery and bowhunting industry consists of caring, passionate people. That’s been apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic, as businesses and individual ATA members continually helped their neighbors and fellow citizens.

Their efforts and kindness were noticed, and the ATA thanks everyone for their contributions. Let’s applaud some of the many members who gave time and resources to their nation and communities in recent months.


Allen Company Inc. (Broomfield, Colorado)

The Allen Company Inc. started creating shooting accessories, tactical gear, and essential archery and hunting equipment in 1970. It recently switched to creating personal protective equipment, including medical-grade gowns and facemasks, for first responders and healthcare workers. It also donated thousands of items crafted from fabrics and materials previously used for lining gun cases. In addition, the company donated items and partnered with Girls with Guns Clothing for a Facebook giveaway to frontline responders.


Atsko/Sno-Seal Inc. (Orangeburg, South Carolina)

Atsko/Sno-Seal Inc., founded in 1933, creates products and information that ensure maximum performance and longevity from footwear, clothing and sporting goods. Its products clean, preserve, protect or waterproof fabrics and other surfaces. To help industry members safeguard staff and customers, Atsko/Sno-Seal Inc. includes a free “Foamer Bottle” with every online purchase of 64 ounces or more of its Sport Wash Hair & Body Wash, Sensi Clean Shampoo and Body Gel, or ZERO Hair & Body Wash products. To learn more visit, or call (803) 531-1820.


Bass Pro Shops (Springfield, Missouri)

Bass Pro Shops was founded in 1971 by Johnny Morris, who donated 1 million facemasks to COVID-19 healthcare workers nationwide. Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s teamed up with Convoy of Hope to distribute FDA-approved ASTM Level 1 Procedure facemasks to over 200 communities with Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops stores, boat centers, distribution centers, and the White River Marine Group manufacturing facility. Morris worked with Bass Pro Shops partner Rusty Sellars, True Timber’s CEO, to source the masks through Sellars’ apparel and fabric suppliers.


Buck Knives Inc. (Post Falls, Idaho)

Buck Knives Inc. is a fourth-generation family-owned outdoor and sporting goods company, founded in 1902. The famous knifemaker extended its online discount program to those in the healthcare industry. Doctors, nurses, certified nurse assistants, emergency medical services personnel, and healthcare administrators, technicians and staff can capitalize on discounts up to 50% through the Healthcare Discount. Buck Knives also offers discounts to military and law-enforcement personnel, and first responders through the Service Pro Discount.


Celerant Technology (Staten Island, New York)

Celerant Technology, founded in 1999, creates retail software programs. The company created an online platform called “Virtual Store” for multi-store retailers. It creates a virtual showcase of in-stock products for each store. Customers can buy products and choose in-store or curbside pickup. The company also has software programs for contactless payments to reduce the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses. Click here to learn more about the Virtual Store and explore Celerant’s other software.


CanCooker Inc. (Fremont, Nebraska)

CanCooker Inc. manufactures the original CanCooker by Seth McGinn, which steams food and is labeled the “simplest, healthiest and most convenient cooking system.” The company thanked the healthcare industry with a giveaway in which citizens nominated a frontline worker through social media to win one of 10 CanCooker Companion. The company gave away 10 Companions during its 10-day Facebook and Instagram campaign.

Danner has designated some of its staff to making masks that they donate to those who need them. Photo Credit: Danner

Danner (Portland, Oregon)

Danner founder Charles Danner and those who followed have hand-crafted high-quality boots since 1932. The company dedicated part of its factory and about 20 full-time employees to making personal protective equipment, including facemasks and face shields. The team donated the equipment to nearby hospitals, public agencies and senior-care facilities. The company also made facemasks for Portland public-school teachers and staff who distributed meals and learning materials to students.


Mossy Oak (West Point, Mississippi)

Mossy Oak, a camouflage brand founded in 1986, focuses on conservation and outdoor lifestyles. The company develops camouflage patterns for hunting, and it donated camo-printed fabrics to manufacturers that transitioned to creating masks for healthcare workers and first responders.


Mystery Ranch (Bozeman, Montana)

Mystery Ranch, founded in 2000, builds backpacks for skiers, climbers, mountaineers, backpack hunters, the military, wildland firefighters, and law-enforcement agencies. The company worked with local health practitioners to design the “Mystery Ranch Traditional Mask,” which has a filter sleeve and adjustable nose-bridge piece. It’s available at Click here to be redirected.


PRADCO Outdoor Brands (Birmingham, Alabama)

PRADCO Outdoor Brands, which owns hunting brands such as Summit, Moultrie, Knight & Hale, Code Blue, Texas Hunter Products and Whitetail Institute, shifted to create personal protective equipment. The company donated facemasks, face shields, and hand sanitizer to clinics, hospitals and nursing homes in Alabama, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Scentlok is making masks and donating a percentage of the proceeds to the "Kids' Food Basket Program." Photo Credit: Scentlok

ScentLok Technologies (Muskegon, Michigan)

ScentLok Technologies, owned by Nexus Outdoors, designs and creates odor-absorbing hunting apparel with carbon alloy technology. The company has long made face coverings for hunters, so it designed a facemask for everyday wear. The ScentLok Essential Facemask is adjustable and uses the company’s carbon technology for extra filtration. The company also donated 10% of Essential Facemask’s weekly proceeds to help fund preparation and delivery of at-home meals through the local “Kids’ Food Basket Program.” Click herefor details, or to buy the facemask.

Sublime Wear made masks for the local high school seniors and sheriff's department. Photo Credit: Sublime Wear

Sublime Wear USA (Morris, Illinois)

Sublime Wear, founded in 2018, manufactures sports apparel and performance wear for the outdoors. The company created facemasks and neck gaiters in multiple designs and colors for the public, and custom facemasks for the Grundy County sheriff’s office. It also donated facemasks to seniors at the Morris Community High School in Illinois. The company is trying to raise awareness about preventing the spread of COVID-19. Visit to buy or customize a mask.


T.R.U. Ball Archery (Madison Heights, Virginia)

T.R.U. Ball Archery, founded in 1995, makes archery release-aids. The company conducted a social-media campaign asking archers and bowhunters to shop locally to help archery shops.


UltraView Archery (Snellville, Georgia)

UltraView Archery, founded in 2017, manufactures grips, scopes, releases and other accessories. The company used 3D printers to make one-size-fits-all respirator masks for healthcare workers. UltraView partnered with Atlanta Beats COVID to design and distribute the masks. It’s also creating downloadable mask-making directions and protocols so anyone with a 3D printer can make facemasks for their community. Instructions and kits will be available at


Universal Presentation Concepts (Madison, Wisconsin)

Universal Presentation Concepts has been making fixtures and displays for retailers for 42 years. UPC started creating HealthShield products to help businesses protect customers and employees from airborne pathogens. Companies can mount these affordable UPC barriers to countertops and checkout stands. UPC also offers free-standing and portable shields, and floor/window decals to direct foot traffic and provide social-distancing reminders. UPC stocks many items, and can customize any size, shape and mounting hardware needed. It can add branding, frosted materials, or printed/etched patterns for style or privacy. Visit www.healthshield.careor call (608) 222-5658.


Whitetail’R (Plymouth, Wisconsin)

Whitetail’R makes several hunting-related products. The company partnered with MyHy’GENE to produce several affordable facemask options for retailers and manufacturers’ essential workers. As of late May it produced over 1.2 million masks. To learn more about the manufacturing process, visit To buy products online click here.


Other ATA Members and Partners

We thank all retail members for modifying their hours, increasing their cleaning efforts, and finding creative ways to keep staff and customers safe while conducting business. Many ATA members let customers pay over the phone and make curbside pickups. Others limited store capacity and used ATA’s Store Safety Signs to help customers navigate their store.

We also thank our partners at nonprofits, state wildlife agencies, and nongovernmental organizations who modified their license or membership requirements to help more people enjoy the outdoors during quarantines. Several partners also created at-home activities for families, and oversaw interactive social-media games and activities. Many local, state and federal authorities also waived park fees to provide more safe places to enjoy the outdoors.

We know many ATA members donated food, time, money and venison to help frontline workers and their communities. ATA staff, ATA Board members, news reporters, media companies, and everyday Americans noticed. Your contributions focus attention on the outdoor community, and cast the archery and bowhunting industry in a positive light.

The ATA commends its members and partners for their selfless compassion, and dedication to the industry and all Americans. We appreciate your efforts, and we’re proud to have such caring, dedicated members.

Please stay involved and welcome newcomers to archery and bowhunting to capitalize on the momentum. Help them see archery and bowhunting as fun, safe and exciting activities. Work with them to boost their skills and confidence. Your kind encouragement will likely generate support and appreciation for your business, too.

The ATA strives to help members navigate business challenges and cultural shifts. Its staff will support your efforts to help and support your communities. Please contact the ATA’s membership office at (866) 266-2776 or Also visit the ATA’s coronavirus webpage for more COVID-19 resources and information.

NOTE: ATA staff searched newsfeeds and newsletters to identify companies helping to fight COVID-19. If your business helped but wasn’t listed here, we apologize, and want to highlight your efforts. To be added to this article, please contact Cassie Gasaway, ATA’s communications manager, at

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