Archery Range and Program Call for Projects

Do you have an archery-based project you're working on? The ATA is seeking all archery range and program projects that need support.

Any and all programs are welcome to submit their project plans. Whatever stage your program is in, the ATA will help you determine and implement the next step. Applications are open!

Call for Projects Application Process

Interested in submitting a project? Here are some of the items you'll need when filling out the online application. Please note that applications are 100% online using the link below.

• Organization Name and Address
• Project Overview (200 word max)
• Project Goals
• Scope of Work (400 word max)
• Budget Amount Overall
• Project Start Date

The ATA is interested in the following types of projects:

• Explore Bowfishing and Explore Bowhunting programs
• Archery Academies
• Temporary archery ranges
• Archery parks
• Permanent archery ranges
• Program equipment - subject to additional requirements
• Archery range additions and renovations
• Archery mentor programs
• Archery certifications and trainings
• College archery clubs and teams
• Archery program marketing efforts
• Programs that include archery pathway components
• Range designs subjected to additional requirements
• One-off programs that show direct connections to other programs

Project coverage not final and subject to change.
The following projects do NOT qualify:

• One-off programs
• Staff salary and compensation
• Firearm-ONLY programs /n on-archery programs
• Reimbursement of previous projects
• Background checks, club dues, or insurance
• On-site utilities
• Purchase of property
• Inventory
• Personal equipment
• Individual hunts
• Tournaments or related items
• Auction items and gifts
• Political advocacy efforts
• Indirect facilities, maintenance, and improvements

Disclaimer: The Archery Trade Association does not guarantee funding.


Contact Nicole Nash, senior manager of Outreach, at (507) 233-8146 or