ATA Technical Guidelines

In 2021, the ATA technical committee revised the ATA Technical Guidelines so the document is easier to use, follow and understand. Members and nonmembers can obtain the document below.

About the Technical Guidelines

The ATA Technical Guidelines is a detailed manual to ensure consistency for how the industry tests, measures and evaluates its products for uniformity and compatibility between components. It also includes consistency in terminology, definitions, thread dimensions, the distance between mounting holes for sights and other specifications.

By pooling their years of expertise, the ATA Technical Committee worked together to provide consistent, well-conceived guidelines that benefit the industry as a whole. With that in mind, these guidelines would not be where they are today without the dedication of Randy Walk, Dave Gordon and Norb Mullaney. They have each spent countless hours making this guide. Additionally, we would like to recognize the following companies who have provided input and considerable expertise found in this manual:

BCY - Bear Archery - Bohning - Bowtech - Easton - Headhunter Bow Strings - Hoyt Archery - Mathews Inc - Plano Synergy - PSE Archery - Saunders - The Outdoor Group - 3 Rivers Archery