Retail Resources

Retail Overview

Our retail resources help retailers capitalize on their strengths, and explore new methods for serving current and potential customers. Developed by archery retailers for archery retailers, the program offers business tools, services and best practices to help you run your business; and creates sustainable programs that engage customers and boost profits year-round. Through our resources, you gain a network of staff, service providers and Archery Trade Association-member retailers dedicated to your success.

The Benefits

Increase foot traffic to your store

Increase traffic to your website

Increase range profile

Increase equipment sales

100% free for ATA members

Have a Digital Presence

Drive more customers to your website and social media pages, and ultimately, to your store.

Lesson program progression

Provide profitable introductions and then a series of programs and activities that will engage participants and lead to long-term commitment and sales.

Business Operations

Put systems in place that will make you more efficient and allow you to make fine adjustments that can lead to future success.


Find new ways to showcase 
and sell recreational equipment.

Archery Marketing

Reach a new market with modern marketing techniques including Daily Deal sites and social media campaigns.

Must read articles

To learn more about this program, we invite you to read the Retail Growth Initiative series here on

The Retail Growth Initiative is a voluntary program that provides retailers with tools and techniques to help improve the profitability of their archery ranges. The program helps retailers assemble the many pieces of the recreational archery market – websites, lessons, deals and coupons, merchandising and other marketing avenues – into a strategic plan utilizing a customized set of tools, resources and best practices.

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