Board Elections

Your involvement in the ATA has never been more important. With manufacturers and retailers alike facing many challenges, we’re at a critical point as an industry. If you want to help shape our direction, please actively participate in the ATA Board of Directors election.

Volunteering is easy


All companies that are regular members can nominate their CEO or someone on their leadership team for election to the ATA Board of Directors. Although individuals are elected to the Board, individual companies are the Board member, and each company gets one vote. Individuals elected to the Board act on behalf of their company, and companies can have more than one employee participate in ATA activities. In addition, if an elected individual leaves a company, the company retains the Board seat and can name a new representative to serve out the term.

The Board of Directors

The ATA Board of Directors consists of 20 members. Twelve regular members are elected by their peers. The remaining eight members represent our retail segment through pro shop, buy group, and at-large members.

Terms and Obligations

Terms are 4 years in length, and directors pay the expenses associated with their service, which generally involves attending two Board meetings and a meeting at the ATA Trade Show. You or your organization’s designee can also attend committee meetings by phone or in person. Participation levels vary by committee. Some are short-term, and some are standing responsibilities that continue indefinitely. Directors are elected to serve from April 1, 2023, through March 31, 2027.

Questions? Contact:


(507) 233-8148

January 11-13, 2024

St. Louis, Missouri