Ready to Start an Archery Business? Use these Resources

Turn to these resources when starting your business.
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Author: Cassie Scott

Starting an archery business is an intriguing challenge. Turning your dreams into reality requires research, planning and preparing. If you’re ready for that commitment, you’ll find many helpful resources that turn your business dreams into success.

Brush up on literature about starting your own business. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Books and Magazines

A Google search yields hundreds of blogs, articles and literature about starting a business, but it might be hard to decide what’s legitimate. Because anyone can post anything online, you must consider if the content is worth your time and effort. In contrast, books and magazines are usually vetted, edited and written by qualified business professionals. These resources can provide tools, insights and details for building long-lasting businesses.

Let’s start with some books:

– “The Founder’s Dilemmas,” by Noam Wasserman.

– “Will it Fly?” by Thomas K. McKnight.

– “Lean Startup,” by Eric Ries.

– “The Art of the Start 2.0,” by Guy Kawasaki.

Lifehack also compiled a list of 20 books to read before starting a business. Find them here. Hubspot wrote a similar article recommending 21 books.

You can also subscribe to business magazines like Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and Success Magazine. One-year subscriptions cost $10 to $20, and provide timely, relevant content to your doorstep!

Committing to owning and operating a business requires regular reading and other homework that keeps you in business. After you’ve read a small library of books and magazine articles, you’ll feel drained or motivated. Those feelings will help determine your next move.

The SBA has an extensive website with basic tips on how to get started in business. Photo credit: SBA

Small Business Administration

If you feel excited and energized, it’s time to get familiar with the Small Business Administration. The SBA is a federal agency that supports entrepreneurs and small businesses. It has regional and district offices in every state to offer resources, training, counseling and assistance for starting and growing a business.

The comprehensive SBA website includes the “Learning Center,” which offers several free online courses with four categories: planning your business, launching your business, managing your business, and growing your business. Those launching startups can focus on watching videos in the first category.

Each course lasts about 30 minutes, and includes worksheets that help you study and review each topic. The worksheets also help you practically apply your knowledge. If you took the course, “Financing Options for Small Businesses,” you’d use the worksheet to evaluate your finances, determine your financial needs, estimate your startup costs, and identify your financing options. Most worksheets list relevant next-step resources.

The SBA also offers funding programs and financial help for startups. Learn more here.

Your ATA offers its members resources and personal advice on how to jump-start your business. Photo Credit: ATA

Archery Trade Association

The SBA is a great resource, but don’t stop there. The ATA offers advice and resources unique to starting and growing businesses in the archery and bowhunting industry. You’ll find no better partner than the ATA.

Although nonmembers have access to all ATA articles, including a two-part series on how to open an archery shop, they’ll gain access to every resource the ATA offers by becoming a member.

ATA staff realize every business and its situations differ, so Kurt Smith, director of industry relations, and Wendy Lang, senior membership manager, enjoy speaking with prospective members about their business and ATA membership criteria.

Once you’re a member, you’ll receive expert help from ATA staff, service providers and industry specialists. The ATA helps its members reach more customers, boost their business’ sales and capitalize on their strengths.

ATA members also receive these benefits:

– Educational opportunities – Get certified to teach archery and learn how to create business-boosting archery programs.

– Access to resources – Get free images, guides and documents to help you run your business.

– Advocacy efforts– ATA advocates for you on important issues like land access, hunting regulations and chronic wasting disease.

– Partner assistance – Strategic partners provide assistance and service discounts.

– Business growth– ATA’s consumer websites, and, drive customers to your store.

– Access to industry data– Get exclusive research on industry trends and market demographics.

– Networking opportunities– Connect online with peers and industry professionals through ATA Connect, or in person at the ATA Trade Show.

– And much more! 

Want more detailed information? No problem. Get the 4-1-1 on ATA-member benefits hereand learn how to capitalize on those benefits here.

Ready to join? Read the ATA’s membership terms and conditions to see if you qualify. Then, complete and submit your application.

Please contact the ATA’s Trade Show, business and membership office toll-free at (866) 266-2776 with questions.

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