ATA 2021 Online Attendee FAQ

When will ATA 2021 Online take place?

Jan. 11-15, 2021

Jan. 11-12: Archery Industry Masterclass, Exhibitor Profile Previewing
Jan. 13-15: Exhibitor Profiles Live, Exhibitor Events & Education Sessions

UPDATE 1/15/2021: As requested by our retail members and support from exhibitors, ATA 2021 Online exhibitor content will be available through Monday, Feb. 15. Educational content, floorplan and exhibitor profiles, including contact information, videos, and product showcases are also available. All Show Specials have been removed from Exhibitor profiles at the conclusion of the Online Show, on Jan. 15. All terms and conditions of the Show Specials, including how and when exhibitors will honor them, remain the sole discretion of each exhibitor.

How do I place my Show Special orders?

ATA retail members will be required to work directly with exhibitors when placing orders. Exhibitors will choose how to handle purchase orders individually. ATA 2021 Online does not facilitate the order writing process, however there is an option to email each exhibitor from their profile if you do not already have an established order writing process with the manufacturer. Just click on the red envelope in their profile, shown next to their booth number (see image below) to contact the exhibitor. Exhibitors can include any details or order-writing instructions within their online exhibitor profile. Show Specials should be honored on orders placed by ATA retail members during the three Show days of ATA 2021 Online, Jan. 13-15, 2021. Mention "ATA 2021 Online Special" when placing your orders.

Who can attend?

All current ATA members can attend ATA 2021 Online. Not a member? Click here to join now.

How do I access ATA 2021 Online? Do I need to register? What is the cost?

All current ATA members will have access to ATA 2021 Online through their MyATA Member Dashboard. There will not be a fee or separate registration for any attendees. Members will simply use their MyATA login to gain access to the content.

What can I expect to see?

- ATA-Only Show Specials
- Virtual Archery Industry Masterclass
- Virtual Education Courses
- Online Announcement of Impact Awards Winners
- Online Media Summit