4 Social Media Tips You Can Use Today

Is your social media presence starting to feel stagnant? Here are some tips for creating engaging content.
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Author: Taylor Walston

It’s not always easy to come up with new and engaging social media content, especially when you are pressed for time. It is easy to post basic content just to fill the void, but that isn’t always for the best. Remember that quality content is worth the time investment. According to Aubrey Rodgers, ATA’s digital manager, good planning is the best way to balance the need for new content with the need to deliver great results.

“Whether you are scheduling content weeks or months in advance, sticking to your plan will help tremendously in the long run,” Rodgers said. She also confirmed that this is true for every platform. So, what can you do right now? Below are four tips for social media that you can implement immediately to engage your audience.


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Create Videos

Get your cameras rolling. Rodgers stressed the importance of sharing video content on your social feeds. “It’s no secret that your followers would rather watch a short video than read a lengthy caption or article,” Rodgers said. The ideal short video for social media would run about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Going straight to your audience and asking their input is one of the most important ways you can ensure you’re delivering the kind of content they want to see. Create a poll and provide options like product reviews and archery tips, and ask your followers to vote for the content they’d like to see. You can do that right after reading this article. Once you’ve gathered the data on what customers want to see and what they’re not interested in, you can create a plan for future content.

“Behind-the-scenes coverage has become a very popular trend on social media platforms,” Rodgers said. “Whether you are filming an unboxing video in your shop or just sharing your day-to-day tasks, you are peeling back the layers between your brand and your customers/followers, giving them a sense of trust that your brand is more than just a business.” It’s important that your customers feel like they’re part of your shop’s family and that they’re part of your journey.

While acknowledging that this isn’t always the case for everyone, Rodgers said that tutorial and review videos tend to perform the best overall in our industry.

The ATA Trade Show is a great source of behind-the-scenes footage that you can share with your customers. It will let them see top-of-the-line products before they ever hit the floor at your shop, which will provide a sense of exclusivity and generate excitement and future foot traffic to your store. Check out the floor plan to view exhibitors and start planning your footage for #ATA2023 now.

Run Social Takeovers

Another great tool for social content is to schedule a social takeover. “Partner with an influencer, who you support, that can boost your brand and create content for you for a 24-hour period,” Rodgers said. These agreements are often mutually beneficial. “As a brand, you’ll gain more followers, and through association with your brand, the influencer will also gain more trust by your followers,” Rodgers said.

Read the ATA’s article, “Does Your Company Need Influencers, Spokespeople or Pro Staff?” to learn how to navigate the partnerships process. Beginning the search for your perfect partner is something you can implement today.

Post photos or videos of your customers giving them a shoutout for something they accomplished at your shop, or simply to thank them for being a customer. Photo Credit: Music City Archery

Spotlight Customers

A great archery shop makes their customers feel valued and appreciated every time they visit the shop, but you can bring that appreciation to your social media pages as well. “Whether these posts are photos of lifelong customers or new customers who have expressed a pleasant visit, share these things with your followers!” Rodgers said. Post a video of them talking about their experience or share a photo with a brief quote if they’re more comfortable off-camera.



“Much like video creation, planning out livestreams can grow your engagement at a fast pace,” Rodgers said. “It has become very convenient to interact with your favorite brands by waiting for live videos. Asking questions that can be answered right on the spot has become a major plus to livestreaming.” Rodgers suggests including something your viewers can do immediately, a call to action, to help you gain insight into whom you’re reaching. For example, if you advertise a sale on a product during your livestream and you later track a sales bump on that product that corresponds with your livestream, then you know you’re reaching the right audience.


Start Today

Start planning, creating and filming your content today to give your social media pages the boost you’ve been looking for. Social media performance algorithms change often, so there’s no magic number when it comes to how often to post, but once per day is generally the ideal guideline. That said, the quality of the content is always more important than the frequency. Post at a frequency that’s manageable for your shop or company. Whether you post content organically or use a scheduling system to schedule your posts, we hope the tips above will help you prepare for your next post and have fun doing it.

Questions? Contact Aubrey Rodgers, digital manager, at (507) 233-8142 or

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