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7 Reasons to Get an ATA Trade Show Sponsorship

Discover why an ATA Show sponsorship can benefit your business.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

Sponsorships, which are fantastic marketing tools, are available for the 2022 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, Jan. 11-13. Over the last five in-person events, the ATA Show has averaged more than 600 exhibitors and 8,000-plus attendees. The ATA’s 2022 post-Show survey indicated 74% of exhibitors planned to release at least one new product at the 2023 Show. Sponsorships have the power to drive sales, support the industry, heighten customer awareness, and help your brand stand out from the competition. And they’re available right now!

Column wraps will display your brand's logo over pillars throughout the Show. As of the publication of this article, this sponsorship is still available. Photo Credit: ATA

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits you can receive when you invest in an ATA Trade Show sponsorship.

1. Increase Brand Exposure: Sponsorships give you a competitive advantage through additional brand awareness and recognition.

2. Generate Sales Leads: Sponsorships pique buyer curiosity, further developing and enticing future prospects.

3. Interact with Attendees: Create a custom sponsorship that encourages attendees to engage with the structure or display.

4. Promote Your New Product Releases: Highlight new products and product design features through your sponsorship to let buyers know what’s new.

5. Generate More Sales: Use your sponsorship to promote and offer a Show special.

6. Increase Booth Traffic: List your booth number on your sponsorship graphics to send attendees right to your booth to interact with sales staff.

7. Create Product Awareness: Design your sponsorship with eye-catching graphics and product highlights to educate buyers about your stock.

Sponsoring the education sessions will put your logo on the advertisements and banners for every education session at the Show. As of the publication of this article, this sponsorship is still available. Photo Credit: ATA

Sponsorship Testimonial

Many ATA members renew their sponsorship annually and praise the ATA for offering premier opportunities. That includes Jonathan Clark, who oversees media, marketing and shooting staff for Last Chance Archery. He sponsors the Wi-Fi and educational seminars each year and receives a good return on investment for his purchases.

“We continue to purchase these sponsorships because of the visibility the sponsorships give us during the ATA Show each year,” he said. “These are two sponsorships we try to keep each year. The advertising benefits during the Show far outweigh the current cost of each sponsorship.”

Clark likes that every person who uses the internet sees the Wi-Fi splash page, which displays the Last Chance Archery logo and links to its new products, therefore keeping the brand in the forefront of dealers’ minds. Sponsoring the seminars puts the Last Chance Archery logo and name on signage all over the Show floor. It also gives Last Chance Archery the opportunity to put catalogs in the seminar rooms and present a seminar to highlight its products.

Types of Sponsorships

The ATA offers sponsorships for every budget. They’re all unique and beneficial. Select from sponsorships in the following categories: signage, digital, display, souvenir, and events or popular spaces. Custom sponsorships are also available. Visit the ATA’s sponsorship website to view all the options and find one that works well for your brand.

Act Now!

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