An Introduction to Lesser-Known ATA-Member Benefits

Membership provides you access to the ATA Trade Show, business support, educational material, advocacy within the industry and exclusive member discounts through our MyATA Service Providers.
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Author: Taylor Walston

Being an ATA member comes with a lot of perks. Membership provides you access to the ATA Trade Show, business support, educational material, advocacy within the industry and exclusive member discounts through our MyATA Service Providers. Thanks to our providers, your ATA membership comes with a plethora of discounts that you might not realize you have. Members can enjoy discounts on shipping, advertising, access to health insurance and more.

Savings4Members offers discounts on essential business practices like shipping costs. Photo Credit: Savings4Members


Savings4Members offers discounts on a wide variety of services, one of which is discounted shipping. It offers up to 20% off freight shipping with YRC Freight as well as pre-negotiated rates for shipments with UPS. You can also save per package and receive credit for late shipments shipped through FedEx and UPS with Lamprey Systems. Members can expect up to 50% off air shipping, 30% off ground shipping and 50% off other additional shipping services with no minimum shipment required. The introduction on our MyATA Service Providers page highlights its other discounts.

“With a network of over 90+ member organizations, Savings4Members has a suite of savings programs on the services and products your business relies on every day. It offers discounts in over 20 categories from consumer financing and office supplies to fuel card and payroll & HR services.”

Visit the Savings4Members ATA site to view your ATA-member discounts.

LIG offers health insurance options. Photo Credit: LIG

Lighthouse Insurance Group

LIG is an insurance agency that offers a customizable health insurance program for you and your business. Its licensed sales agents work with members one-on-one to provide a personal experience and give each member the time and attention they deserve. They’ll answer any of your insurance questions and help you find the coverage that works best for you, including your lifestyle and budget. Coverage is available across the country. The MyATA Service Providers page highlights this benefit:

“The Archery Trade Association Health Insurance Program is designed to offer concierge service to our members in need of Individual, Family, and Business/Employee health insurance coverage options. These plans include coverage options from the leading insurance carriers and are tailored to fit your individual financial and health needs. Call today to speak directly to our team of licensed advisors to get your no-obligation health insurance assessment.”

Visit LIG’s ATA site to learn more.

Your ATA has created and compiled a library of helpful documents to encourage archery and bowhunting and help your business. Photo Credit: ATA

Resource Library

The ATA offers members access to a library of valuable, downloadable resources on our Resource Library. Members can download informative surveys and other research material, Explore Bowhunting and Explore Bowfishing content, and unique material created by ATA staff members with ATA members in mind.

During the pandemic, the ATA created three interactive resources for kids: the Archery and Bowhunting Coloring and Writing Activity Book for Kids, ages 3-7, the Archery and Bowhunting Activity Packet for Kids, ages 8-12, and the Bowhunters United Kids Activity Book. You can also download an Archery Safety Brochure, three different Archery Range Guides, and a California’s Proposition 65 Advisory Guide, to name a few.

Nonmembers also have access to some of these materials for free or a small fee, depending on the content.

Visit the Resource Library to learn more about the ATA’s resources.



Learn About Your Other Benefits

The benefits for ATA members don’t stop there. Members also have access to the MyATA Learning Center, which houses a robust library of educational content, available for members on demand. Most videos come with material that complements the lesson, so there is an interactive component that members can use after the session to build upon the subject matter.

Visit the MyATA Learning Center to view the available content.

The ATA also partners with many other companies to provide benefits. The MyATA Service Providers page houses all of our service provider information with links to each of their websites.

Visit the MyATA Service Providers page to see our other providers.

Whether you’re looking for a discount on shipping, help with marketing, or a great source for health insurance, our MyATA Service Providers have the information you need to better your business. The ATA strives to present its members with the highest-quality content possible and refer them to companies they can trust. Reach out to any of our providers and they’ll be happy to assist you with your business inquiries.

Questions? Contact Maria Lewis, senior director of Trade Show and membership, at (507) 233-8133 or

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