ATA Adds Bow Technician Certification to Member Benefit Roster

Author: Cassie Gasaway

The Archery Trade Association created the Bow Technician Certification as a new ATA member benefit to help ATA-member retailers add credibility to their business and provide a consistently positive experience for customers. ATA members can sign up for the course in the Information Booth in the MyATA Area at the 2023 ATA Show to receive a special discount. 

The ATA created the new members-only benefit in response to ATA-member requests and feedback. A seven-person advisory team consisting of bow manufacturers and industry experts identified the course skills and the acceptable method to complete each skill so the course concepts were created by members, for members. Then, ATA staff created the content to ensure the information is accurate, reliable and consistent, and the skills can be applied to all compound bows, regardless of brand.  



The skills in the course are necessary for all bow technicians, including the safe use of a bow press, draw board and other shop equipment, knowing how to perform a complete compound bow setup, including the installation of a peep sight, D-loop, arrow rest, sight, bowstring and cable, as well as cam timing, adjusting draw length and draw weight, paper tuning, and arrow selection. 

The ATA’s Bow Technician Certification course will have a hybrid format with an on-demand online component and an in-person practical where students must demonstrate proper execution of each skill. This approach allows individuals to watch and complete the videos on their own time at their own pace, and time to reference the videos and practice each skill before the in-person practical. 

Jeff Greer, a bow technician advisory team member and the co-owner of Music City Archery in Tennessee, said the program is game-changing for ATA members. 

“The creation of the ATA Bow Technician Certification is a much-needed industry standard that will drive credibility for pro shops, create a career path for technicians and greatly improve customer satisfaction across the industry. It’s an exciting offering for ATA members that will differentiate ATA Member stores from the rest of the industry. I am very excited about this program.”

Those who complete the online portion and pass the in-person practical will earn a  bow technician certification certificate among other assets to show they’ve mastered  bow technician skills. 

The Bow Technician Certification course is $600 per person. The ATA is running a Show special at the 2023 ATA Show: sign up for the course at ATA Information Booth in the MyATA Area anytime during the Jan. 11-13 Show to save $150, bringing the course to $450.

The on-demand video content goes live on April 1, 2023. Please visit the Information Booth to sign up and receive the $150 Show Special discount. 

The ATA strives to deliver programs and services that are impactful and beneficial to both our retailers’ and manufacturers’ changing needs. If you have questions about this new ATA-member benefit, please contact Kurt Smith, ATA’s director of industry relations at

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