ATA Members Donate Gear to Help Young Bowhunters

Northern Broadheads and 3Rivers Archery donate gear to Hunt of a Lifetime.
Photo Credit: Hunt of a Lifetime

Author: Cassie Scott

Acts of kindness change lives.

Selfless deeds by Adam White, owner of Northern Broadheads, and other generous people help children achieve their goals in the Hunt of a Lifetime foundation. This nonprofit organization helps children with life-threatening illnesses or disabilities go on their dream hunting or fishing trips.

White, an Australian, founded Northern Broadheads in 2017. The company flourished in Australia and grew into the U.S. market. White recently repackaged his broadheads to make them more affordable. He also worked with U.S. manufacturers and packaging companies to ease the overseas brand transition.

In the process, White found himself with leftover inventory in outdated packages. He started discounting and selling his old stock, but then decided to donate it to good causes.

“I wanted to give back to archery,” White said. “If I can contribute to hunting and preserve our way of life by donating to kids, that’s what I want to do.”

Adam White (right) and Johnathan Karch (left) are proud to assist Hunt of a Lifetime. Photo Credit: Adam White

He sought help from his U.S. connection, Johnathan Karch vice president of sales and marketing for 3Rivers Archery in Ashley, Indiana. Karch connected him to Tina Pattison, founder of Hunt of a Lifetime.

“Hunt of a Lifetime reaches a wide variety of kid shooters,” Karch said. “Adam’s broadheads apply to all types of bows, including crossbows, compounds and traditional, so I thought he would be a great fit to meet their needs.”

White donated about 30 six-pack broadhead packages to Hunt of a Lifetime.

Pattison said half the packages will be placed in archery-themed baskets, and raffled off at benefit events to generate money to cover trips. The other half will be reserved for children wishing to bowhunt during their dream adventure.

Generous donations like White’s hit home for Pattison, who created the foundation after she lost her son, Matthew, to cancer in 1999. Matthew had dreamed of moose hunting. After Pattison called numerous outfitters, she found Clayton Grosso, an outfitter in Nordegg, Canada, who donated the hunt and all accommodations to the Pattison’s.

The donation encouraged Pattison to help other children and families. Hunt of a Lifetime was born.

“We all have trials,” Pattison said. “God knew I would take Matthew’s tragedy and do something good for other kids just like him. It was his legacy.”

Through donations and fundraisers, the foundation covers trip expenses including gas, food, flights, license, and processing and taxidermy fees.

Hunt of a Lifetime continues to provide special opportunities for children, introducing them to hunting and putting smiles on their faces. Photo Credit: Hunt of a Lifetime

Hunt of a Lifetime has helped 1,040 kids achieve their dreams so far. Pattison said outdoor adventures give them hope, and she appreciates everyone who helps her help others.

“Children fight harder knowing they have a dream hunting or fishing excursion to go on,” Pattison said. “People like Adam at Northern Broadheads are so generous.”

White enjoys helping children find joy.

“It’s amazing to hand kids broadheads as a gift or prize, especially if their favorite thing to do is shoot archery or go hunting,” White said. “They light up, and it changes their world for a moment. That’s really fulfilling.”

3Rivers Archery has also donated archery equipment to Hunt of a Lifetime. Karch said donating to good causes helps boost archery.

“Helping others where we can is what companies and people should always do,” Karch said. “No one should give more than they can, but if we all apply ourselves to help those around us where we can, the world is a better place for it. Being able to do it with fellow archers helps keep the fire burning for those who love this sport.”

White agrees. “Our donation has nothing to do with our business,” he said. “It’s much bigger than that. It helps individuals, improves conservation efforts, and supports the industry as a whole. It all ties back together. If you can do something to give back to the sport, the industry or the outdoor lifestyle, do it.”

ATA members often join forces to create and support consumers, and they often find other opportunities in their communities to support archery- and bowhunting-related organizations. Stay alert to find ways you can partner for success, strengthen the industry, and help others enjoy our sports’ many benefits.

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