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ATA Seminar Recap: ‘Marketing Tactics for Success in 2021’

Learn how to connect with new customers, evaluate your website and build a smart content strategy with these tips from the innovative marketing agency, Shine United.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

ATA 2021 Online presented nine free prerecorded seminars and 11 free live seminars during its three-day run in mid-January. Nick Newlin and Chris Sprangers of Shine United, a MyATA service provider, presented a live seminar in the MyATA Learning Center on Jan. 14. The manufacturer-geared presentation was titled “Marketing Tactics for Success in 2021.”

Newlin and Sprangers shared their perspectives on the marketing tactics that made brands successful in 2020 and how to improve those strategies in the new year. They also answered questions from ATA members.

Here are three key takeaways from the presentation, plus how to find the video and other content from ATA 2021 Online.

Create accessible content and answer questions to welcome new bowhunters. Photo Credit: ATA

Know How to Reach the New “New Customer”

Sprangers said that today’s new customer is typically younger and more urban than the traditional one. Newlin said you must understand what’s motivating them to try archery or start bowhunting in order to connect with them.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have sparked the latest uptick in interest in bowhunting, as meat supplies shrank and people had more time to get outdoors. Folks want to understand where their food comes from, but they also look for food independence during trying times. These people are likely the newest customers. Talk to them about their motives and what they hope to achieve.

The next step is to use that knowledge as a conversation starter in your brand’s marketing efforts. As with any customer, it’s also important to allow them to ask questions and give them time to make decisions about what to buy. Position yourself as a reliable resource and credible advisor. Most beginners have a limited understanding of bowhunting terms and strategies, so keep things simple. You might scare away newcomers if your approach is “too hardcore or technical,” Sprangers said.

But remember, not everyone is a beginner. Don’t make assumptions. Instead, try to get a handle on the customer’s needs, wants and experience level as soon as you start working with them.


Make Your Website Efficient

Success in today’s markets means your website has to be easy to use and up to date. It tells potential customers what you do, what products you have and how you help your customers. The Shine United team challenges manufacturers to think about their website’s goal. Is it to sell products or to inform consumers about products? Either way, you must ensure the website does what you intend. And to keep it current and give it a long life span, you need to be able to make website updates internally.

“Amazon doesn’t outsource code updates; neither do any of the other big e-commerce websites and platforms,” Newlin said. “They do all of that in-house, and there’s a reason for that. They want to be able to make those changes efficiently. If you’re an e-commerce company, that’s your business. Why would you outsource doing your business? You should be able to build and maintain your website yourself.”

Owning your website allows you to drive the narrative. Plus, it helps you save money. Instead of paying a developer to make a website change, you can spend that money on ads or premade content. Be sure to use good-quality images, videos and feature stories to help people understand the benefits of your products.

Plan content ahead of time to make sure you're addressing as many different topics as possible. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Build a Smart Content Strategy

Create content that works on multiple platforms (email, website and social media) to get the best return on investment. Focus on evergreen content that’s relevant for a long time. Don’t date your content by mentioning the year or using props that could age the piece. For example, having an iPhone 7 in a shot tells customers the video could be from back in 2016. Likewise, showing a face mask tells consumers the footage was likely captured during the COVID-19 pandemic. So how do you build a smart content strategy? Sprangers said to begin with the end in mind.

“A lot of folks come to us with an idea for content, but they’re not thinking about all the places it can be used,” he said. “If you plan to use something in one place, the return you get for that investment will not be good, regardless of who’s creating it, either in-house or professionally. Start with the end in mind and work backward. You’ll be much happier with the results you get from your content.”

Newlin advises ATA members to be realistic about what they want to achieve with their budget and resources. He encourages them to start small to get wins. Once you feel comfortable and confident posting content, try to provide depth, create more posts and engage with the audience as they react to your materials.


More Topics

Newlin and Sprangers also shared their top marketing tip for brands in 2021 and discussed strategies for recruiting and retaining new hunters, as well as reactivating those who have dropped out, but you’ll have to watch the presentation for all their insights.


Watch the Video Recording!

The marketing seminar by Shine United was a live event, and the video recording will be available in spring. Until then, view the ATA’s on-demand Show content. Just log in to your MyATA member dashboard and click on “MyATA Learning Center.”

ATA 2021 Online exhibitor content will be available through Monday, Feb. 15. Educational content, the floor plan and exhibitor profiles are also available, including videos, contact information and product showcases. All Show Specials ended at the conclusion of the Online Show on Jan. 15.

Check back regularly for the Shine United presentation.

Questions? Please contact the ATA Trade Show and membership office at (866) 266-2776.

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