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ATA’s 2023 Masterclass “Absolutely Phenomenal,” Access it Online

It’s not too late! Buy the Masterclass to gain access to all the course materials, and visit the MyATA Learning Center to watch the recorded presentations.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

The 2023 Archery Industry Masterclass Series took place in Indianapolis on Wednesday, Jan. 10, but if you missed the in-person event, you can still purchase the course and gain access to the recorded content in the MyATA Learning Center.

Howard Rollins II enjoyed Tim Gillingham's session on stabilization. Photo Credit: ATA

Howard Rollins II, archery department manager and purchasing agent for Rogers Sporting Goods in Missouri, said the Masterclass was extremely beneficial.

“The Masterclass was absolutely phenomenal,” he said. “I would recommend everyone attend. There was so much knowledge to soak up. Every class we took was super beneficial from Hank’s forecasting session all the way down to Tim’s presentation on stabilization.”

Hank Yacek's "Retail Expectations" session was Rollins II's favorite course. Photo credit: ATA

Hank Yacek’s “Retail Expectations for 2023 and Beyond” session was Rollins II’s favorite course because it helped him project for the year.

Rollins II attended the Show and went to several live Masterclass sessions but at times had to pick between classes in one of four Masterclass tracks, including business, coaching, marketing and archery tech. He wished the Masterclass was a two-day event so he could take all the classes in-person, but all the courses were recorded and will be available to participants in February in the MyATA Learning Center for post-Show viewing. Rollins II plans to watch the sessions he missed.

If you’re interested in the Masterclass content, you can still purchase the course and access the information at any time. Registrants will gain access to three prerecorded courses and nine live-session recordings. The registration fee is $100 for ATA members and $500 for nonmembers.

To sign up for the exclusive content designed to help you improve your business operations, contact Kurt Smith, ATA’s director of industry relations, at (507) 233-8138 or

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