ATA’s Resource Library Gets a Digital Transformation

The ATA's Resource Website is now the Resource Library and it's housed directly on
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

If you’ve used and liked the ATA’s Resource Website, you’ll love its replacement: The Resource Library.

The Resource Website was created in March 2019 as a member’s only microsite that housed hundreds of resources, including images, videos, how-to guides, tutorials and more. It’s a fabulous ATA-member benefit, but it was challenging to access because it required a separate login from the MyATA member dashboard.

You can find the new link to the Resource Library in the Membership Menu. Photo Credit: ATA

The ATA renamed the Resource Website to the Resource Library and relocated it to the membership tab on the website, so members don’t have to login with a seperate account. Members can simply use their MyATA member dashboard login credentials to access the free resources. ATA staff also redesigned the library so it’s easier to navigate.

Everything in the Resource Library is free to download for ATA members. Nonmembers can purchase some resources at the original cost. Anyone looking for additional information about the Explore Bowhunting and Explore Bowfishing programs can contact ATA’s Josh Gold at

Please explore the Resource Library to find resources that will help you improve your business.

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