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Update your website, social media, and Google listing to generate sales leads.
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Author: Taylor Walston

The holidays are near, so target potential customers online while turning the season’s shopping buzz into sales of archery equipment.

That means making sure you’re showing up in search results, social-media feeds, and the ATA’s store locator to reach as many customers as possible. Once customers navigate to your website, make their shopping easy and transparent by clearly  listing your products and services. And to build trust and complete each sale, display your reviews publicly on your website and Google business listing.

Make sure your information on Google is up to date. Photo Credit: ATA

Add Yourself to Google My Business

Create a Google My Business account to boost your search-engine optimization performance, and make it easier for customers to find you with a simple search. When someone searches for archery shops in their area, your listing will appear atop the results because Google recognizes your business. That free account lets you include photos of your shop, a link to your website, your contact information, and a summary of your business. It also lets users follow directions to your shop or call your business with one click.

Users can also leave reviews on your listing, so make sure you monitor the activity and respond accordingly. Potential customers will see the reviews before they enter your website, so show them you respond to negative reviews courteously and professionally, and that you value and appreciate positive reviews.

Your Google My Business account also lets you see analytics like the time and day of the week users typically search for your business, how many searches trigger visits to your website, and which metrics prove most valuable for monitoring your website’s performance. Schedule your social-media postings based on those analytics.


Use the ATA’s Store Locator

ATA members are listed on the store locator on Archery360 and Bowhunting360. Retailers increase their visibility by appearing on sites used by people who are curious about archery. If they’re using the store locator, they must be intrigued, so make sure you capitalize on that free advertising. Click here for step-by-step instructions to update your store’s information.


Sustain their Interest

Once potential customers enter your site, you must maintain their interest. Keep them engaged by creating a menu that’s easy to navigate, features photos of your range and inventory, and lists everything you offer.

If you have an online store, include suggested purchases at the bottom of the page. New products could catch their eye and lead them to similar items for other archers, or introduce them to items they didn’t realize you carry. Even if they don’t add “suggested items” to their cart, they’ve spent more time on your site, and better understand your products.


Be Transparent

No matter how much inventory you carry or how many services you offer, show potential customers that you value them. Promote your expertise and explain how you can help them choose the best equipment or instructions. A Forbes article titled “The Importance of Establishing Customer Trust in Uncertain Economic Times” states: “Companies need a culture that engages in transparent communication, is open to criticism, and can deliver fast and efficient responses.” Customers are more likely to visit your shop or online store if they understand what you offer.

Once customers decide they want to buy equipment or services from you, make it easy for them to follow through. They should be able to find all the necessary information on your website. List your hours, and provide a map and directions so they can visit your shop to pick up their order. Display your COVID-19 procedures prominently, and let them know if you offer curbside pickup. Advertise your online store boldly atop your website to keep shoppers on your site to trigger instant sales.

Use unique and common hashtags to reach a broad audience while maintaining brand recognition. Photo Credit: X10 Archery

Tag Social-Media Posts

Add hashtags to your social-media posts to ensure they appear in search results. If you include hashtags with a popular keyword, you’ll pop up in search results for that phrase and all other posts about that category. Use this global feature to appear on someone’s timeline who didn’t know about your shop.

Use generic hashtags like #archery and #bowhunting to appear in broad search results with a wide reach. Create hashtags unique to your shop to develop your brand, and encourage users to associate the phrase with your shop. Use both in your posts to reach a wide audience and build brand recognition.

Encourage customers to tag your business in their posts. When their followers see that post, they’ll see your business’s name. Their followers can then click on your name in the post and be taken to your business’s profile.

Watch courses in the MyATA Learning Center for more information. Photo Credit: ATA

ATA Resources

ATA members can watch the video “Build Your Own Low Cost Website” on the MyATA Learning Center to expand on the tips above. Jill Schaben, ATA’s senior manager of marketing and communications, created the course to help retailers secure a domain name, and build and host a website. The course also covers how to manage your Google business listing, add a Google Map to your site, and get more customer reviews.

Members can also view the webinar “5 Myths of Digital Retail: Selling Through COVID-19 & Beyond.” Kurt Smith, ATA’s director of industry relations, conducted that webinar with Michele Salerno, Celerant Technology’s marketing director. They explain how independent retailers can compete in the digital marketplace.

People want to shop at businesses they trust, so be transparent online to increase the trust between you and potential customers. Keep your business visible by staying active on social media and updating your website regularly. If you make it easy for customers to find and contact you, and let them see reviews on your Google listing, you’ll build trust, generate sales leads, and create lifelong customers.

Questions? Contact Wendy Lang at or (866) 266-2776, ext. 103.

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