Buyer Day FAQ

What is Buyer Day?

Buyer Day restricts the Show floor to verified buyers and exhibitors (red and yellow badges) Day One of the Show. Buyer Day ensures buyers and manufacturers can focus on order writing, business planning and new-product evaluations during the first nine and a half hours of the three-day Show.

Do I Have Access for the Rest of the Show?

All verified Show attendees will have access the second and third days of the Show. Please remember, the ATA Show is a business-to-business event, meaning only ATA members are allowed to attend. Buyer Day was established to give buyers and exhibitors time to focus on business.

What Can I Do on Buyer Day Without Visiting the Show Floor?

Although press, media members, state agency representatives and nonexhibiting individuals won’t be allowed on the Show floor for Buyer Day, they can still make the most of their time by: - scheduling meetings and appointments off the Show floor; - attending The Connections Celebration, Presented by Mossy Oak - visiting the press room for information about businesses and products and attending the media summit (press only); - and browsing the New Product Launch Showcase, which houses products released at the Show.