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Cool and Interesting #ATA2019 Booth Events

In addition to product launches and work meetings, the 2019 ATA Trade Show offered some pretty cool booth events. Keep reading for a recap of the Show’s most attractive activities.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Scott

In addition to product launches and work meetings, the 2019 ATA Trade Show offered some pretty cool booth events. Keep reading for a recap of the Show’s most attractive activities.

Bailey Cloud loves his new arrow tattoo, inked at the Show. Photo Credit: ATA

Free Tattoos at Easton Archery

Easton Archery, booth 3743, paid two tattoo artists to ink anyone interested in getting an archery-themed tattoo between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday and Friday. Attends had to pick between 17 pre-selected black and white designs. Each tattoo took about 30 minutes or less to complete, allowing about 40 people to get a tattoo each day.

Bailey Cloud, from Hideaway Archery in Carthage Missouri, loves bowhunting and got an arrow tattoo on his left forearm to show his support and passion for the sport.


Dry Ice Challenge at ArcticShield

ArcticShield, booth 2457, hosted the Dry Ice Challenge between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on Friday. The challenge gave attendees the chance to test the ArcticShield boot insulator. Participants sat in a chair, put their feet in plastic containers and wore a boot insulator over one shoe. Then, an ArcticShield employee poured dry ice, which is 109 degrees below zero, on both feet.

Challenge participants reported feeling the cold through their shoes in about 10 seconds, but never felt the cold while wearing the boot insulator – even after 30 minutes.  The demonstration helped show folks how their new technology worked. ArcticShield incorporates the technology into several clothing pieces including gloves, pants, jackets and the boot insulators.


Country Music Concert by Shoot Like a Girl

Shoot Like a Girl travels the nation introducing ladies to the shooting sports. They celebrated their 10th anniversary on Friday, Jan. 11 at booth 1801. They provided cake, refreshments and entertainment by country music star Tanya Davis, who played about 20 songs between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. The first lady of hunting Brenda Valentine also signed autographs at the event.

Scent Crusher gave away $250,000 worth of product over the course of this year's Show. Photo credit: ATA

$250,000 Worth of Giveaways by Scent Crusher

The Scent Crusher team gave away over $75,000 worth of products in the first five to ten minutes of their hour-long booth event. Attendees snagged free hats, bags, clothes and other Scent Crusher products. Over the three-day Show, the team, located at booth 3403, gave away $250,000 worth of products.

Dan Drake, Scent Crusher president, said, “Everyone has been so good to us; We wanted to give back to the people who have been so kind to us over the years.”

Drury Outdoors, in partnership with Scent Crusher, also announced they’re giving away a farm. Mark and Terry Drury bought a 60-acre farm in northern Missouri, where they planted food plots and identified stand locations. The brothers plan to hand over the farm title to one lucky individual at the 2020 ATA Show. People can enter to win the farm, and other monthly prizes, through the DeerCast mobile app.

Michael Waddell is grateful for the opportunity to meet retailers and members at the Show. Photo credit: ATA

Celebrity Meet-and-Greet Sessions

Many well-known industry representatives and celebrities also met with attendees throughout the Show at various booth events. They signed autographs, exchanged hunting stories and posed for numerous pictures.

The Bone Collector crew, including Michael Waddell, Travis Turner and Nick Mundt, were grateful for the opportunity to interact with retailers and all members of the outdoor community.

“It’s humbling to be here,” Waddell said. “We love when the dealers come by and shake our hands. We feel like we’re an extended part of their family. [Being here] helps us understand what we can do to make archery more fun for everyone.”

Other well-known individual Show attendees included Eva Shockey, Greg Ritz, Melissa Bachman, Joe Thomas, Levi Morgan, Cameron Hanes, Roger Raglin, Kendall Jones, Fred Eichler and Chad Mendes. Several couples and groups also made an appearance including Pat and Nicole Reeve; Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo; Lee and Tiffany Lakosky; Hank, Billy and Laura Parker; and Blaine Anthony and Twyla Wheeler.

We hope you had fun and enjoyed the Show! Mark your calendar for the 2020 Show in Indianapolis, Jan. 9-11.

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