Excited about Archery? Host a World Cup Party

Share the excitement of the Archery World Cup by hosting a viewing party at your shop! Stage 3 takes place June 19 to 24.
Photo Credit: World Archery

Author: Jackie Holbrook

Patriotism and spirit take centerstage every four years as people worldwide sit glued to their TVs watching the Summer Olympics. A few are die-hard sports fans, but most people tune in for the amazing stories generated by live competition. Underdogs become champions during such events, and diversity is honored and celebrated.

Archery fans, however, don’t have to wait every four years to enjoy the thrills of high-end competition. In fact, try treating your customers to all those stories and excitement by streaming the Hyundai Archery World Cup Stage 3 into your shop.

“Top athletes in any sport inspire people to participate,” said Chris Wells, senior communications manager at World Archery. “Top archers are role models for archery fans and offering content like the footage from the Hyundai Archery World Cup creates an engaging and informative environment. It also promotes product – and gives another reason for people to come back to the store.”

The third leg of this four-part series takes place June 19 to 24 in Salt Lake City, and it’s organized by the World Archery Federation. Archers compete in four stages in four countries. The top eight in each category advance to the Archery World Cup Final. This year’s stages take place in Berlin, Shanghai, Salt Lake City and Antalya, Turkey. The finals take place Sept. 29 to 30 in Samsun, Turkey.

Salt Lake City will be the third stop on the World Cup Stage. Be sure to check them out on home soil. Photo Credit: World Archery.

Each stage features about 300 athletes from 40 countries. Athletes first compete in qualifying rounds and then in head-to-head, bracket-style elimination matches in individual and team events. That kind of competition is thrilling to watch live. Archers hold their bows seemingly forever at full draw, creating tension and anticipation as they carefully aim. That intense focus reinforces the slim margins separating each competitor.

“The livestream covers all medal matches from the compound and recurve events, plus features on some of the world’s best archers and behind the scenes coverage of running a world-class tournament,” said Wells. “It’ll have insight from a top commentator and a chance to see – and learn from – some truly incredible shooters.”

Viewing parties for the Archery World Cup Stage 3 offers other benefits, too. The spectacle can inspire archers to get more involved by taking lessons and registering for leagues. And even if the party doesn’t fire up competitive spirits, showing the competition in your shop will get archers shooting. Try discounting your range fees that day, or organize your own competitive shoot. Hold elimination rounds and award prizes to the winners.

The Archery World Cup Stage 3’s qualifying rounds take place June 19 to 21. The compound-bow finals are June 23, and the recurve finals are June 24. You can livestream the tournament at, a link will be available on the home page.

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