Archery Academy

The Archery Academy is a joint program provided by the ATA for its members and partners.

The Program

Archery academies first began in 2009. Participants walk away with the ability to implement all archery and bowhunting programs along with local resources to get — and keep — youth involved. The focus of these events is to create self-sustaining long-term archery programs.

"Communities play a vital role in getting kids interested in archery, whether it's through after school programs or summer camps," said Jennifer Mazur, Senior Director of Outreach and Education for the ATA. "Helping these areas build and strengthen their archery programs will help the ATA achieve our mission of growing archery and bowhunting nationwide."

Host an Archery Academy

Through hands-on archery training, the participants will be certified as level-two instructors who can return to their facilities and train their staff as level-one instructors. For information about hosting an archery academy in your state, contact Samantha Seaton at