Explore Bowfishing helps instructors, educators and program leaders teach youths and beginners basic bowfishing skills. Modeled after ATA's Explore Bowhunting, the program serves as a next-step to spark interest and inspire passion for bowfishing.

Although Explore Bowfishing is geared toward youths, it helps introduce people of all ages to the sport. Participants learn about bowfishing gear, the many fish species they can pursue, and the various habitats where fish live.

Explore Bowfishing Course Reporting Form

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Perfect for

Schools - both in scool and after 
school programs

City and country recreation programs

Nature and outdoor education centers

Community based programs such as Scouts, 4-H and 
summer camps

Events, festivals and fairs with outdoor, hunting or conservation themes

Retailers interested in teaching youth how to get close to wildlife

The Bowfishing Program

Explore Bowfishing strengthens the archery community because it helps beginning archers expand their skills beyond basic target shooting. The program bridges the gap between introductory archery programs and hunting, while reaching new consumers in the angling market. Bowfishing engages more people in archery sports because it’s easy, accessible and relatively inexpensive.

Bowfishing is also good for the archery and bowhunting industry because it can recruit new archers, reactivate lapsed anglers and bowhunters, and create a gateway into bowhunting deer, turkeys and other game. Likewise, those factors open the door to more business and greater profits for ATA members.

For the full curriculum and other Explore Bowfishing resources, contact your state coordinator or contact the ATA.

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Bowfishing is a fun, social and interactive activity that can be done at night or during the day. The sport offers multiple shooting opportunities and a long season. State wildlife agencies, park and recreation departments and nongovernment agencies use the program to create archers and strengthen the archery and bowhunting industry.

Explore Bowfishing Further

If you are interested in acquiring the program for your state or organization, please contact Josh Gold, ATA’s Senior Manager of R3 and State Relations for more information.