Idaho Becomes 50th State to Allow Lighted Nocks and Mechanical Broadheads

Idaho archers can now use lighted nocks and mechanical broadheads in upcoming hunting seasons.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Archery Trade Association

On March 7, Idaho Governor Brad Little signed House Bill 507 into law, which allows Idaho archers to use lighted nocks and mechanical broadheads in upcoming hunting seasons. The rule change takes affect July 1, making Idaho the last state in the nation to accept the use of these archery accessories.

Dan Forster, ATA’s vice president and chief conservation officer, works on behalf of ATA members to influence favorable policy decisions regarding archery and bowhunting regulations. He’s pleased with the decision and said it makes things easier for hunters and industry members alike.

“We’ve been working with state agencies on equipment regulation issues for the past several years and there’s been a lot of positive changes recently,” Forster said. “We applaud Idaho for accepting the use of lighted nocks and expandable broadheads. The decision makes the use of these accessories consistent across the country, meaning archers now have fewer things to worry about when trying to comply with regulatory complexities while hunting in Idaho. They can use lighted nocks and expandable broadheads legally wherever they bowhunt in the United States.”

The change also gives Idaho bowhunters more equipment choices and may increase their odds of recovering wounded animals because lighted nocks help archers locate their arrows, while mechanical broadheads often create larger entry and exit holes that make tracking animals easier.

Forster hopes to see more bowhunting equipment laws become standard and consistent across the country in the future. Learn more about the ATA’s advocacy efforts here.

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