Improve Your Business, Customer Relationships at #ATA2022 via Social Media

The ATA Trade Show provides multiple business and professional networking opportunities, but it’s also an ideal place to market your business and products to consumers.
Photo Credit: Mossy Oak

Author: Cassie Gasaway


Chances are, most of your customers know you’ll be out of town Jan. 7-9 for the 2022 ATA Trade Show. While you’re there to order products, connect with exhibitors and gain valuable insights for your business, you might as well share social posts about new products and Show happenings to increase your customers’ excitement about archery. And if you’re smart about your approach to posting content, you can simultaneously market your business and improve customer engagement.

Interview exhibitors and film product demonstrations. Photo Credit: Mossy Oak

Involve Customers Before and During the Show

Many consumers dream about attending the ATA Show, but it’s a members-only event for those with a business in the industry. Although they can’t go, you can make them feel included by posting about your adventures and Show experience on social media. Giving them a glimpse of what you’re doing in Louisville can improve your company-consumer relationship. You can share information to help them understand how you select products for your shelves and remind them that attending helps you stay on top of trends, shooting form best practices and business operations.

Before the Show, remind customers you’ll be out of the office for #ATA2022. Let them know what the event is all about and why you attend annually. Also, ask if they have any questions and product requests or want to see something specific. Don’t make any promises, but let customers know you’ll try your best to accommodate their requests.

At the Show, use a mix of live videos and photos with captions to capture the essence and connect with your followers. Customers like to know you’re focused on learning new things and meeting with sales representatives to learn about products. Posting content at the Show can increase social engagement because customers are curious about the event and new products.

Brainstorm content you can easily obtain and share. Here are a few examples to consider.

Bring your customers into the conversation. Ask them what they'd like to see. Photo Credit: PSE

Sample Social Media Content Ideas

  • Exhibitor Spotlights: Talk to manufacturers about their products, company roots, manufacturing process or why they’re grateful for customers. Highlighting who you work with and why you chose their company or product is interesting to consumers.
  • New Product Overviews: Many of your gear-oriented customers will appreciate a product-focused post. Ask a manufacturer to demonstrate a new product or walk through the features for your followers. You can also share why you chose to inventory the product, how it’s used, when it will be available and how much it will cost.
  • Customer Q&A About the Show: If your customers shared questions before you left or they ask something while you’re in Louisville, compile these topics and answer all of them in a central location. If they want to know Show specifics, like how many people attend or the number of companies exhibiting, find an ATA staff member who can answer those questions.
  • Recap of an Educational Course: Attend a seminar or Coffee Talk and take to social media to explain what you learned and how educational opportunities at the Show help you improve your business. Also, explain how the course content provides value to the customer. The more you know, the more you can pass along to your followers.
  • Goodbye Message Before You Leave: On the last day, post something that summarizes your Show experience. For example, you can share what you learned, your favorite part, how many new products you ordered, etc. You can also mention how much you missed serving customers and look forward to being back. Then, remind customers when you return or when your shop opens again.
  • ATA’s Premade Posts: If you don’t have time to create a lot of custom content, let us help! Share the ATA’s posts with a personalized message from your shop to easily engage your audience.


Monitor Engagement; Interact with Your Followers

As you post content, monitor the post comments and engagement levels. Try to respond to customers who interact with the content to show you listen and care about their thoughts and questions. At the very least, hit the like button on their comment to acknowledge their presence.


Invite Customers to Visit Your Shop When You Return

After captivating and engaging your audience throughout the Show, capitalize on your efforts when you return home. Many of your followers probably got excited about the new products and things you learned and shared at the Show. Invite them to visit your shop to discuss the event, take a lesson, test new products or stock up during the offseason.

If you need more content ideas, stop by the MyATA Area at the Trade Show and talk to an ATA staff member. We’re happy to help!

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