Introducing the MyATA Learning Center: Your Source for Archery Business Education

The ATA launched its MyATA Learning Center to help members improve their business skills and strategies.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

The ATA recently launched the MyATA Learning Center to provide on-demand education to its members.

The MyATA Learning Center was inspired by members requesting learning opportunities outside the annual ATA Trade Show. It helps members improve their business and best practices by learning more skills and strategies through interactive videos, follow-up questions, and other resources.

The center offers video courses on coaching, marketing, conservation, archery tech, business operations, and maximizing ATA memberships. You’ll also find recordings of popular ATA seminars, ATA Trade Show events, and other industry happenings. Most videos showcase ATA members, industry partners, and MyATA service providers sharing tips and information. ATA staff create the videos with direction from ATA committees such as the Retail Council and Member Benefits Advisory Team. This process provides a well-rounded educational experience.

The Learning Center is available for members only. Photo Credit: ATA

The MyATA Learning Center is available only online through the MyATA member dashboard. This anytime, anywhere access lets members work at their own pace from their home or business.

Kurt Smith, ATA’s director of industry relations, hopes ATA members enjoy the MyATA Learning Center’s content and convenience.

“Our members are busy, so this platform lets them learn about topics important to their business on their own time,” Smith said. “Most people find it easy and more enjoyable to learn through videos and webinars. We routinely encourage members to create content to better reach their customers, so we decided to lead by example and do it ourselves.”

The educational videos include 30-second tips and introductions to full-length recordings of Trade Show seminars, as well as in-depth video series covering multiple topics with a common theme.

New courses are added periodically. Keep checking back! Photo Credit: ATA

The ATA regularly creates and uploads content to the MyATA Learning Center. Stay tuned for videos on strategies for managing inventory, building more accurate arrows, and increasing profits with your archery range. The ATA marketing and communications team is also creating a video course that explains how retailers can run an archery or bowhunting ad campaign on Facebook. The course is based off the ATA’s “The Thrill is Nocking” campaign and will help members attract more customers.

“I’m excited about the new course our MarCom team put together,” Smith said. “This course gives step-by-step instructions on how to run video-marketing campaigns with simple tools and assets we provide our members.”

The ATA will add the course “How to Run Your Own Facebook Ad Campaign” to the MyATA Learning Center on April 16.

Explore the MyATA Learning Center and its many offerings to boost your business and learn more about the site. To start exploring, please log into your MyATA member dashboard and click “MyATA Learning Center.”

Questions? Contact Kurt Smith at (717) 478-5919, or

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