Marketing Series, Part 1: Strategies for Point-of-Sale Data

A point-of-sale software system can kickstart your business’s marketing efforts.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

What if we told you that one change could save your business time and money, and improve customer relations?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong.

By adding an electronic point-of-sale system, you’ll have software to analyze business data, track sales and inventory levels, track repairs and work orders, and manage employees and range schedules. The system also gives you the power to create loyalty rewards programs by collecting and storing customer data. Those vital statistics can help foster meaningful customer relationships that fuel future purchases.

Celerant Technology travels to different Trade Shows: Kinsey's Dealer Show is one of them. Photo Credit: Celerant Facebook

Celerant Technology is a MyATA service provider that helps ATA retailers, and others in sporting goods and outdoor-based stores, grow their business by using innovative software programs like the “Cumulus Always On” point-of-sale system.

This system has a cloud-based server so retailers can access their information and process sales anywhere from any device. Retailers can also install a local server to ensure their system is “always on” – even when their internet service goes down.

Michele Salerno is Celerant’s director of marketing. Gary Ellis is Celerant’s senior sales executive. They say a good point-of-sale system helps owners improve business operations and create a recurring sales environment with customers.

“Our Cumulus Always On point-of-sale system can improve processes and increase efficiency,” Salerno said. “It also helps expand and grow your business because it collects customer information and sales history so you can provide better customer service.”

Ellis said relationships with customers start with their first transaction. He said the Cumulus system helps retailers contact customers, spark communication, and grow relationships through personal connections.

At the point of sale, the Cumulus system handles all transactions, including sales, returns, holds, layaways, gift cards and special orders. Customers can pay with cash, checks, Apple Pay, and credit or debit cards.

The Cumulus system lets you store all of your customer information in one place. Photo Credit: Celerant YouTube

The Cumulus system also gives total control at the point of sale. Retailers can back up the cloud-based server with on-site hardware, which means you’ll always have access to all point-of-sale capabilities.

After completing each transaction, retailers can add, find and view customers from the point-of-sale software. Just scan your customer’s driver’s license, and the Cumulus system saves their information within its “Customer Relationship Management” feature. The CRM tracks and stores personal information, purchasing history, brand preferences, and other customer-specific details. Retailers can reference that information to better understand their customers’ behaviors and interests. That information can help generate personalized promotions and targeted emails.

The Cumulus system also helps retailers kickstart their marketing efforts, and attract and satisfy customer needs. Its features include:

– Promotional receipts: Customers have the option to print receipts or receive a “green” emailed receipt. Thanks to a recent partnership, Celerant also lets retailers print receipts with promotional offers and discounts on the back. That feature helps retain customers and notifies them about deals and promotions.

– Loyalty rewards: Retailers can create club memberships with predetermined discounts and loyalty reward points. Customers receive printed club-membership ID cards to earn and redeem points and rewards. Memberships boost customer loyalty and encourage more purchases.

– Targeted email campaigns: Send personalized emails and promotions based on customers’ purchases and preferences. Cumulus links its CRM, sales data and automated marketing platform to ensure consumers receive emails specific to their desires. Targeted emails encourage customers to click, which converts into sales.

– In-store kiosks: Retailers can provide in-store kiosks so customers can search for and buy products, even if you don’t carry that item in your store. Kiosks are an add-on feature for Cumulus.

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Celerant offers Cumulus bundles to help retailers find a package that fits their budget and their store’s needs. Salerno said the options let retailers start small, and then add services and features as they grow.

Discuss your options with Barry Levine, a Celerant sales representative, at (718) 351-2000, ext. 218 or

The ATA has other MyATA service providers that offer point-of-sale systems. Click here to log into your “Resource Website” account to explore your options and learn more about all MyATA service providers.

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