September’s Stateside Archery World Cup Offers ATA Members a Unique Opportunity

The World Archery Championships and World Cup Final take place in South Dakota this September, giving ATA members an opportunity to promote and capitalize on competition archery.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

If you thought archery at the Olympics was awesome, get ready for two World Archery tournaments Sept. 19-30 at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center in Yankton, South Dakota. They’re close to home and will feature recurve and compound archers from across the world. In fact, archers from 125-plus countries are slated to compete in front of over 2,000 spectators throughout the 15 event days. This is the first time the two tournaments will run consecutively in the same location.

The ATA encourages its members to take advantage of the iconic events in the U.S. by sharing event highlights, hosting a watch party, providing customers with shooting tips, and welcoming new and current customers to shoot competitively. Why? Promoting the World Archery Championships and World Cup allows ATA-member businesses to continue promoting and introducing newcomers to archery, and it encourages customers to try different archery disciplines.

Before we dive into how ATA members can capitalize on the opportunity, let’s review what the World Archery Championships and World Cup events entail.


About the World Archery Championships

The World Archery Championships return to the United States Sept. 19-26 after previous tournaments in Pennsylvania (1969), California (1983) and New York (2003). Next to the Olympics, this is the most prestigious World Archery event.

The most elite archers in the world are selected by each World Archery member-nation to compete in male and female, recurve and compound divisions. Many of the Olympic archers will compete in this year’s event, with some of them having recently been crowned Olympic champions in Tokyo. The outdoor target archery tournament boasts 50-meter shots for compound archers and 70-meter shots for recurve archers.

For more information about the World Archery Championships, visit the World Archery website.


About the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final

The United States will host the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final for the first time in history Sept. 29-30. The Archery World Cup has four divisions: men’s compound, women’s compound, men’s recurve and women’s recurve. Eight archers will compete in each division for a total of 32 competitors.

Finalists earned their spot by winning one of the three 2021 World Cup stage events, including Guatemala City, Lausanne and Paris, or by earning the most points in competition. Tokyo 2020 individual Olympic champions will also compete alongside one American archer in each division to represent the host country. Those archers are Jack Williams in Men’s Recurve, Casey Kaufhold in Women’s Recurve and Savannah Vanderwier in Women’s Compound. Winners from the World Archery Championships will fill all remaining spots. In other words, you’ll watch the best of the best compete from across the globe.

For more information about the World Cup, visit the World Archery website.

Connect the excitement of the tournament with your shop and encourage new archers to try a lesson as your range. Photo Credit: ATA

Using the Events to Your Advantage

Use the World Archery events to create awareness for your business and increase your customer base. The events feature top archers and top-notch equipment, which might inspire people to try archery or visit your shop for new equipment. National news stations will likely cover the events because they’re happening in the U.S. Connect with your local station and encourage them to share this information and promote your business. Additionally, the event coverage will be livestreamed because Yankton, South Dakota, is on Central Standard Time. The live feed makes the event more exciting and nerve-wracking.

ATA members should capitalize on the opportunity and carry on the archery momentum from the Olympics by highlighting and promoting these events. The exposure on your website or social media pages might catch the attention of local residents. Tempt them to try archery by opening your doors and welcoming anyone interested in experiencing archery firsthand. Offer your support, assistance and expertise, and invite them to take a lesson, register for a league or enroll in an “Intro to Archery” class.

Nicole Nash, ATA’s range and retail-programs manager, said highlighting the events now is a great way to ensure you’ll have customers later.

“Keep planting those archery ‘seeds,’” she said. “Continuing to showcase the different archery disciplines helps pave the way for the future of the sport, which in turn helps the future of your business.”

Not sure what to do or how to get started? The ATA’s got you covered.


Use the ATA’s World Cup Kit

ATA staff created a World Cup Kit to help its members harness the power of the upcoming event. The kit is an ATA-member exclusive resource.

The kit contains:

  • information regarding how to capitalize on the events;
  • plug-and-play social posts with text and images;
  • an educational document on traveling with archery equipment;
  • and directions on how to livestream the events.

The social posts schedule and materials will greatly benefit ATA members. Starting Sept. 1, members can drag and drop two pre-made Facebook and Instagram posts per week (16 total) regarding the World Archery events.

The World Cup Kit is available for ATA members in the MyATA Learning Center. Download the World Cup Kit now.

Please contact Nicole Nash, ATA’s range and retail-programs manager, with questions or for additional planning assistance at (507) 233-8146 or

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