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Set Goals and Visit the ‘My ATA Area’ to Achieve Them

No matter what your goals, know this: The “My ATA Area” on the Show floor wants to help you achieve them.
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Author: Cassie Scott

Business goals help you measure success, plan for the future, and understand what you’re striving to accomplish. They also give everyday tasks more meaning, and help you make sound decisions. Plus, they keep you motivated.

Take a few minutes to determine what your business should accomplish in 2019. No matter what your goals, know this: The “My ATA Area” on the Show floor wants to help you achieve them.

Here are some ways to spark your goal-setting creativity.

Goal No. 1: Have a voice and become an influential industry force.

Achieve it: Talk to the ATA’s Retail Council members each time you visit the “My ATA Area.”

The ATA’s Retail Council guides, supports and represents all ATA-member retailers, no matter their size, location or business platform. The Retail Council is led by retailers on the ATA Board of Directors, and meets monthly to address retailing issues.

If you’re an ATA retail member who wants your voice heard, you can serve on the Retail Council. Attend the “What Can the ATA Do for You?” Coffee Talk from 11 to 11:30 a.m. today in the “My ATA Area” to learn more about the Council’s elections.

Not interested in serving? You can still share your thoughts with Council members anytime during the Show in the “My ATA Area,” and participate year-round in Retail Council surveys. They want to hear your concerns about business and the industry, and help you address them.

You can also share business best practices on ATA Connect, an online discussion community exclusively for ATA members.

To learn more about the ATA Retail Council, contact Kurt Smith, ATA’s director of industry relations, at (866) 266-2776, ext. 117; or

Goal No. 2: Introduce more people to archery and bowhunting to increase sales.

Achieve it: Get certified to teach archery at the Show, and obtain resources and information from the “My ATA Area” to hold beginner archery classes.

Instructor certification boosts your marketing value, provides staff with valuable skills and knowledge, and connects your store to programs that attract and engage new archers. If you want to introduce more people to archery, be sure to get certified to teach archery.

The ATA offers instructor-certification classes for Level 1, Level 2 and Scholastic 3-D Archery at the Show. A few spots remain, so visit the Show’s main registration desk to enroll.

To get more information on certifications, visit S3DA and USA Archery representatives in the “My ATA Area.” While there, ask an ATA staff member for free class outlines, progression sheets and best practices for holding classes, leagues, corporate shoots and other special events.

Goal No. 3: Boost Your Online Presence

Achieve it: The “My ATA Area” has two website service providers onsite, and other plug-and-play resources to help consumers find your business online.

To attract customers and increase sales in this digital age, your business needs a thorough, well-designed and up-to-date website. Work with approved ATA-member service providers in the “My ATA Area” to create a professional website or improve your existing site. Visit the Prophase or Frontier Media teams to learn more, or make an appointment with them for later in the Show.

Perhaps you already have a stellar website, but you need help creating unique archery and bowhunting content. No worries! Use the ATA’s free Archery 360 and Bowhunting 360 widgets to populate your website with fresh content. ATA members who embed the widgets in their websites can automatically share ATA articles.

You can also boost your online presence by updating and maintaining your business’ social-media channels. Share content from the ATA’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Don’t forget to ask an ATA staff member about the ATA’s social-media calendar, which helps retailers post timely, relevant content.

Visit the “My ATA Area,” located between the North and South wings, to discuss your goals and find ways to achieve them.

You asked, we listened! ATA members have long enjoyed archery and bowhunting information from emails, videos and website articles. Now they can also get informed on the go with the ATA’s new podcast!

Kurt Smith, the ATA’s director of industry relations, hosts and produces the “Beyond the Bow” podcast. He talks to ATA members and industry representatives to learn about their businesses; and discusses hot topics and industry happenings, including partnerships, ATA’s strategic planning efforts, and competing in an ever-changing marketplace.

The podcast shares ideas, opinions and relevant information to ATA members nationwide. And because podcasts are audio recordings, you can listen while restringing a bow, cleaning your shop or driving to and from work.

Don’t miss out. The free podcast is available online at, and it’s accessible by tablet, computer or mobile device. “Beyond the Bow” is also available on Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean and Apple podcasts. New episodes are available at the start of each month.

Want to join the conversation? Listeners can comment on the podcast page, or send questions, comments and topic ideas to Smith at

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