The Importance of Staff Trainings and Refreshers

Professional development is great for business. It motivates employees, expands their knowledge and improves the customer service experience.
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Author: Jackie Holbrook

Company meetings can get a bad rap. Some employees associate them with feelings of boredom and consider them wasted time. Some business owners even avoid scheduling meetings because they deem them inefficient or think they take away from tasks they perceive as more important. However, meetings are an essential part of business operations, especially those that serve to train employees.

Employee training and development sessions bolster business success. Giving employees the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge not only boosts confidence, but it also improves company culture and the customer experience. Here are five reasons conducting staff training and refresher courses is good for business.

Improves Company Culture

Employees play an integral role in company culture. Training serves as an important check-in tool for business owners. When most companies bring on new hires, they undergo training. This includes a chat about benefits, expectations, company culture, job responsibilities, customer service and more. Employees are expected to learn this information and then put it to use.

Every employee should understand what is expected and how the business operates from the get-go. Having every employee go through the same training establishes a company culture. Operating with the same vision promotes teamwork and reduces conflict.

A strong foundation keeps company culture alive, but that doesn’t mean refresher courses — reviewing previously covered material — aren’t necessary. Refreshers return information to a person’s top-of-mind. This can provide important reminders on how a business should operate.

Training can help an employee sharpen existing skills. Photo Credit: ATA

Sharpens Skills

A key reason for businesses to host training and refreshers is to promote professional development. People thrive when they’re presented with opportunities to learn. It can be easy to fall into the trap of learning your current position and staying stagnant in your abilities and knowledge. Training provides an avenue to learn new skills or sharpen existing ones. Time spent reviewing new trends, products, technology and techniques is beneficial. When staff are up to date on the latest knowledge, customers will notice.

Builds Confidence and Motivates

Employees who routinely go through learning opportunities are more confident and capable. This is good for everyone from business owners to customers. Presenting staff members with opportunities for professional development enhances what they bring to your business. A confident employee is helpful, knowledgeable and motivated.

Learning a new skill serves as a big motivator. Training is a break from the day to day and provides inspiration. It can spark an interest in a new area or inspire the confidence to continue the professional development even further. Supporting employees through trainings and refreshers is a great way to show that you value their commitment to your business and you want to support them in furthering their careers. Routine training can foster a sense of loyalty among employees.


Enhances the Customer Experience

Capable and confident employees are a customer’s best friends. When staff members are given the tools to excel in their positions, it shows in the customer service experience. Even if employees are familiar with the material, a refresher course can spark inspiration to do better or try a new tactic. A well-trained and motivated staff is great for everyone.

Training can also help employees learn new skills. Photo Credit: ATA

Creates Efficiencies

Trainings don’t interrupt the workflow; instead, they create efficiencies. They serve as a tool to improve the overall flow of business operations. When employees are up to date on company culture and business operations, they require less oversight. Instead of focusing on fixing mistakes or answering questions, managers and owners can turn to more important tasks. Trainings can help reduce mistakes, enhance sales and promote safety.


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