These Two ATA Resources Allow Members to Track Industry Trends

Use ATA’s quarterly FET report and ATA’s quarterly retail business tracker survey to help make business decisions.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

The ATA publishes quarterly data from retailers and manufacturers to help members track the market and make data-driven business decisions. The two data sources include the quarterly FET report and the quarterly retail business tracker survey. Below, you can find more details on each, including how to use them and where to find them.

Download the survey to review industry data. Photo credit: ATA

ATA’s Quarterly Retail Business Tracker Survey

ATA recently started producing this survey to gain insights from retailers across the country, help members adapt to changing conditions regionally and compare their business to what’s happening nationally. ATA staff collect information from shop owners and managers in four different regions used by the U.S. Census Bureau to provide information on overall sales, types of sales and customer demographics. The survey also includes insights from shop owners on current market challenges and trends.

So far, ATA members can find the survey results from quarters two and three of 2022. ATA members can use the information to learn about customer interests and equipment preferences. The survey results are shared each quarter and contain the previous quarter’s data for comparison.

Sample Data: Each of the four regions saw sales growth from Q2 to Q3, and retailer confidence is still positive at 6.5 out of 10 for the next quarter. Each report has 12 pages of data laid out in charts and graphs so it’s easy to interpret. Access each report to get additional information.

Get the Resource: This is an exclusive ATA-member benefit. ATA members can visit the ATA Retail Business Tracker Survey webpage for more information and to download the resource. Please note: You must go through the checkout process in your MyATA member dashboard account to obtain the document. Don’t worry; it’s free!

Review our documents for tax information for archery products. Photo Credit: ATA

ATA’s Quarterly FET Reports

ATA has collected and shared federal excise tax contributions for archery-related products, including bows, accessories and arrow shafts, since 2010. All manufacturers, producers and importers pay the FET based on the sale of bows, arrow shafts and archery accessories and file a quarterly excise tax return to the IRS. ATA staff work with the IRS to obtain the data to share it with ATA members.

Because manufacturers don’t regularly publish their sales data, the ATA’s FET reports allow ATA members to compare the industry’s year-to-year performance. FET contributions also correlate to sales trends so members can identify the industry’s busy season. If FET contributions were low, sales were low. In contrast, if FET contributions were high, sales were high. By following these reports, companies can identify market trends that help guide or confirm their business decisions.

Sample Data: In March 2021, the archery and bowhunting industry set an all-time quarterly record for FET contributions, totaling $17.3 million, with an additional $3.1 million collected from the FET on arrow shafts. ATA members could look at the report and the numbers from previous quarters and years to see the contributions rose above $13 million in a single quarter only two other times, once in 2014 and in 2015. Review the report to see those findings and more current, up-to-date numbers.

Get the Resource: Like the resource above, the ATA’s quarterly FET report is also for members only. Similarly, ATA members must also log in to their member dashboard account and go through the ATA store checkout process to obtain the free resource. You can learn more on the ATA’s Federal Excise Tax webpage, as well as find a direct download link.

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The ATA understands its members must make regular critical decisions for their business. These data sources are ATA-member benefits that provide reliable facts to help members feel more confident and informed. Producing surveys also aligns with ATA’s mission to grow the sport and support members through advocacy, education and business support. The ATA hopes you find this information useful and welcomes your comments and feedback.

If you need help accessing these reports or have questions after reviewing the members-only information, please contact the ATA’s business, membership and Trade Show office toll-free at (866) 266-2776.

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