Tips to Improve Foot Traffic to Your Shop

Don’t just let the customers come to you. Here’s how to encourage them to seek out your shop and make a purchase.
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Author: Jackie Holbrook

Summer kick-starts the busy season for many archery shops. Tournament season is in full swing, and bowhunters are enjoying summer days flinging arrows in preparation for the upcoming hunting seasons. The increase in archery activities naturally boosts foot traffic in retail shops. People need new equipment and work done on their bows. As a retail shop owner, however, you shouldn’t just rely on customers to come into the shop organically. There are simple ways to increase foot traffic.

Keep the signage on your door simple but inviting. Display products or advertise brands in the windows. Photo Credit: ATA

Spruce Up the Outdoor Space

When people pull up to your store, what do they see? Is it clean and well marked, or could it use a little attention? Appearance matters. Customers will be less inclined to come inside if the storefront is dirty, cluttered or confusing. Create a branded and inviting atmosphere. Have a sign that’s easily visible from the road. Make sure the shop is clearly marked, especially if it’s located among other shops like in a strip mall.

Keep the storefront simple. Include signage and information like store hours and phone number. During the warmer months, add some flowers or greenery. If you have a display window, showcase new or seasonal products and change the look frequently. Keep up with the cleaning. Wipe down the windows, pick up the trash and sweep the parking lot.

Make It Easy to Get There

An overwhelming majority of customers use their smartphones to find local businesses. Most do this through Google. According to Google, 76% of people who use their smartphones to search for business services visit the business within a day. Additionally, 28% of those searches result in a purchase. That means if your address and business information isn’t up to date, you’re losing these promising customers.

Google bases its search results on the individual’s location. If your business address isn’t listed online, it might not appear in search results. Be sure to update your address on any online business listings. This should include websites like Yelp, Google and Facebook. It’s also important to be sure the website address, phone number and operating hours are correct. Be sure to upload current photos of your store. Having a complete online business profile will boost your search rankings and be more inviting to customers.

Quality customer service is vital to the shopping experience. Photo credit: ATA

Step Up Your Customer Service

Once you get customers into the shop, you want to keep them there and even better, you want them to return. According to a study by PwC, 65% of American consumers say a positive experience is more important than great advertising. However, many are reporting that they don’t have positive experiences in shops. Less than half of the customers PwC surveyed said they had a good customer service experience in the past year.

Customer service is one of the foundations of a successful business. It starts at the top. If you’re a store owner or manager, demonstrate good customer service by smiling and greeting every customer who walks through the door. Ask questions and listen to be as helpful as possible. For information on how to improve customer service, read “10 Customer Service Tips to Try Today.”

Host fun events like a glow-in-the-dark night. Photo Credit: ATA

Host Classes, Leagues and Events

Archery classes, leagues and special events are a great way to get people into the shop. Hosting beginner archery classes and special events attracts new customers. Consider offering prizes and incentives to shop like special discounts. Even if people don’t spend any money during the event, as long as they had a good time, they’ll think of you next time they’re in the market. Be sure to spread the word about your event through social media, community organizations and local parks.

Keep Tabs on Your Retail Analytics

How do you know if your effort is working if you don’t track the results? Analyzing data is the best way to track trends and make adjustments when necessary. And that includes monitoring the amount of foot traffic in your store. If you’re only tracking sales, you’re missing out on important information. There’s technology on the market designed to count customers, typically mechanisms with sensors attached to the door. They vary in levels of sophistication, but some can even track the customers’ path.

There are a lot of benefits to taking a detailed look at the foot traffic in your shop. Looking at trends assists in making business decisions. It allows you to see if there’s an uptick in traffic following an event. You can adjust staffing to make sure there are enough people on shift to cover the busiest times. Tracking conversion rates is important to understanding if there’s anything you can do better to encourage sales when customers come in.

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