Seminar Schedule for the
#ATA2019 Trade Show

Seminar presentations for the 2019 ATA Trade Show will be held Jan. 10-12, 2019 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY.

Seminars will be held from 7:15 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. every morning.

Thursday, Jan. 10

• Bow Tuning Tactics for Customer Satisfaction, by Len Marsh. Room C-101

• E-Mail Marketing: How to Build a List and Use it Well, by Bernie Barringer. Room C-102

• Managing the World of Amazon: Maintain Control of Your Brand, by Travis Schwartz. Room C-103

• Bulletproof Your Shot — Recognizing and Coaching Archers Through Release-Aid Problems, by George Ryals IV. Room C-104

• Scholastic 3-D Archery, by Jennie Richardson. Room C-105

• Managing IP in China: Vetting Manufacturing Partners and Building a Smart Portfolio, by Samuel Giesting. Room C-106

• Managing Search-Engine Retail Location Listings, by Derek Fortna. Room C-107

• ATA’s Deer Protection Program, by Dan Forster. Room C-108

• Benefits of Joining the NABA, by Gary Kinard and Wayne Piersol. Room C-109

Friday, Jan. 11

• Why a Strong Online Presence is Essential for Business Growth, by Theresa Neal and Nick Graves. Room C-101

• Digital Marketing Tool Kit — Learn to Drive Revenue ... Not Just Social Media “Likes,” by Joshua Gerads. Room C-102

• Traditional and Instinctive Archery — The Next Level of Shooting, by Henry Bodnik. Room C-103

• Bulletproof Your Shot — Recognizing and Coaching Archers Through Release-Aid Problems, by George Ryals IV. Room C-104

• Coaching for Performance Under Pressure, by Guy Krueger. Room C-105

• Marketing Your Pro Shop, by Anthony Warden. Room C-106

• Introduction to Adaptive Archery, by M.J. Rogers. Room C-107

• Be the Expert: Teaching Your Customers Electronic Scouting, by Matt Williams. Room C-108

• “Field to Fork” to Market: Recruiting New Customers into the Hunting Industry, by Charles Evans, Hank Forester and Samantha Pedder. Room C-109

Saturday, Jan. 12

• Understanding Arrow Tuning for Bows and Crossbows, by Tim Gillingham. Room C-101

• Managing Risk: How Product Manufacturers Can Guard Against Lawsuits, by Kyle W. LeClere. Room C-102

• Impact of Compound Bow Draw Behavior on Perceived Noise and Vibration, Patrick Harrell. Room C-103

• State of the Whitetail — Trends in Harvest and Management Programs, by Kip Adams. Room C-104

• How to Make Your Range Pay Your Overhead, by Timmy Thomas. Room C-105

• Evolution of Media in the Outdoors, by Jeff Siegel. Room C-106

• Assess Your Digital Presence: Is Your Website as Good as it Should Be? By Colin Anthony. Room C-108

• Turning Your Fletching Table Into a Moneymaker, by Matt Lewis, Bob Potter and Nicole VanderMeulen. Room C-109

Full Seminar Information for #ATA2019

Stop by any of our informative seminars and listen to presentations on a variety of industry topics. The seminars will benefit your business as well as the sports of archery and bowhunting.

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Full Seminar Schedule

Seminar Schedule with Descriptions

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