10 Tasks to Help You Survive Busy Season

Don’t let your business get swept away during the busy season. Instead, complete these five daily and weekly tasks throughout the season.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

Hello. Goodbye. Do this. Do that. “Busy season” is called that for a reason. It’s chaotic, stressful and demanding. But it’s also a huge money-maker for many ATA members, so it’s important to maintain the shop, accommodate customers and press forward no matter how swamped you are.

To stay on track this season, start by tackling the daily and weekly task lists below. These 10 checklist items shouldn’t fall through the cracks. If they do, you might lose face or – worse – customers.

Answer calls and emails daily. Photo Credit: ATA

Daily Tasks

– Reply to customers. Answer questions and return customer service requests received by phone and email or through your social media channels. People expect to be acknowledged and helped. Don’t leave them waiting, or they’ll take their business elsewhere.

– Sweep the entryway. A lot of people are coming in and out of your doors this time of year. Keep the dust and dirt to a minimum to make a good impression and help newcomers feel comfortable.

– Wipe down all counters and surfaces. This is especially important during the pandemic. Check the CDC cleaning and disinfecting guidelines for best practices.

– Empty trashcans. Trashcans often smell and look unappealing when full. Empty them at the end of each day to start fresh each morning. If you don’t have much in each bin, consolidate everything into one bag and hike it to the dumpster.

– Clean the bathroom. A bathroom’s cleanliness often indicates the overall cleanliness of a business. Wipe the sink, clean the toilet bowl, sweep and mop the floor, and ensure your air freshener is doing its job.

Keep up with range maintenance and make sure your range is tidy and safe. Photo Credit: X10 Archery

Weekly Tasks


Day 1: Post and share your weekly specials.

New products? Hot sales? Range specials? Fun events? Let your community know what’s happening at your shop each week. Post an image or video to your social media platforms to share the news. Then, invite folks to stop by and check out your products and services. You can also run contests and ask people to like, comment on, or share your posts to enter. This is a great way to promote your business.


Day 2: Clean something “big.”

Just cleaning your counters and bathroom isn’t enough to deem your shop clean. Give the rest of your shop some TLC, too. Consider mopping the floor one week, cleaning your shop windows the next, and washing your walls the week after. Pick something to clean that often gets overlooked this time of year. Picking up trash from the parking lot or around your building is another good example.


Day 3: Conduct a shop walk-through.

Walk your aisles to pull items to the front of their pegs or shelves, and reorganize items that got moved or tussled. For example, hang bows by brand or style, and display your shoe and clothing items by size. You may also notice products to restock, and mislabeled or mispriced items. A simple walk-through helps you stay in-tune with your shop.


Day 4: Tend to your range.

Check your indoor and outdoor range one day during the week. Large, open indoor spaces often get dusty quickly. Check the floor to ensure it’s not slippery. Pick up loose vanes, broken nocks and other debris while you’re at it. Replace worn targets. Check all lines and see that the rules are clearly posted. Be sure your team is regularly inspecting and maintaining the rental equipment, too.


Day 5: Check and update your website.

Your online presence is more important now than ever. Check your website’s functionality. Verify your store hours, event calendar and contact information are accurate. If possible, add a note about your mask policy. Replace ads and partner information where applicable, and update your content to keep the website fresh and engaging. Use the ATA’s Archery 360 or Bowhunting 360 website widget if you can’t create your own content.

It’s easy to forget small tasks during the busy season. Print this list and use it as a guideline throughout the season to stay on track.

And remember, it’s OK to delegate tasks to your employees. If you’re falling behind, consider hiring help. Click here for do’s and don’ts associated with hiring staff.

Questions? Contact Nicole Nash, ATA’s range and retail programs manager, at

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