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6 Reasons to Attend #ATA2022 in Person

Don’t miss your chance to see old friends, test new products and experience the excitement at this year’s ATA Trade Show.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

If you miss concerts, group gatherings, community events, social outings and evenings on the town, then you don’t want to miss the 2022 ATA Show, Jan. 7-9 in Louisville, Kentucky. This year’s Show is your chance to make up for lost time. Connect with industry peers and friends, get your inventory situation under control, set exciting new business goals and renew your love of archery and bowhunting all in one place!

If you’re on the fence about attending the 2022 ATA Trade Show, these perks might help you decide.


1. In-Person Networking and Social Interactions

Events and organizations pivoted from face-to-face operations to virtual meetings and remote work environments throughout 2020. While these digital environments allowed businesses to perform key functions and move forward, they were confining and isolating. Online interactions often lacked relationship-building conversations and personal and professional spinoff discussions. As a result, people missed gathering and connecting.

The 2022 ATA Trade Show will reunite the industry and provide much-needed opportunities to interact, in person, with friends, peers and industry representatives. Plus, meetings are more fun when you’re not dealing with buffering, slow internet and other technology issues.

Attend education sessions or demonstrations to learn something new. Photo Credit: ATA

2. Learning New Things in an Interactive Environment

Events that require physical attendance give educators and instructors an advantage because they can read facial expressions and tweak their instruction based on participant energy and feedback. They can also answer questions in real time, provide handouts, give demonstrations and entertain follow-up discussions once the session ends.

Likewise, studies show students absorb information better in a physical space than in a virtual space. Fewer distractions allow them to focus on the presenter and their materials. Students can also connect with other classmates to share ideas or further the discussion. The 2022 Show offers numerous in-person education events, including seminars, Coffee Talks, Masterclass presentations and Instructor Certification courses. Visit the ATA’s education webpage for more details.


3. One-Time-Only Deals, Discounts and Special Pricing

The ATA Show is a members-only “business-to-business” event, meaning only ATA members can attend, and every attendee must have a business that focuses on archery and bowhunting. The Show provides a unique opportunity for all ATA members to conduct business and focus on commerce within the industry.

To celebrate the annual occurrence, many exhibitors offer deals, discounts and special pricing during the three-day Show. Some even host product giveaways and drawings. Attending the Show is the only way to capitalize on these exclusive offers.

Being at the Show in-person means that you can observe and test new products directly. Photo credit: ATA

4. The Chance to Touch and Test New Products and Technologies

Many ATA members were grateful for last year’s virtual Show “ATA 2021 Online,” but they made it clear they missed the opportunity to handle products and pick up a printed catalog and price sheet. This year’s 2022 Show brings back those experiences with hands-on product demonstrations and practice ranges. These personal evaluations will help you understand new features and technologies so you can pass along those nuances to customers.

Check out the New Product Showcase, located by main registration, to see a collection of products released at the Show or after Oct. 1, 2021. You’ll see over 30 new products on display.

5. Invigorating Your Spirit, Energy and Focus

It’s probably been a while since you’ve seen an industry member outside the walls of your workplace. Attending the Show is beneficial for your business, but it’s also great for your soul. The ATA Show brings out the best in people. It’s a happy place filled with laughs, smiles, handshakes and excitement. Feel the passion radiate from everyone in attendance and remind yourself what it’s like to be in a space with folks who love — and can relate to — what you do. You’ll probably go into the new year with a sense of pride, accomplishment and entrepreneurial tenacity.

6. Fun and Excitement

Watching a concert on your 4-inch phone screen doesn’t compare with being there in person. And no matter how hard industries try, they can’t replicate the feeling of walking down a show floor aisle only to bump into an old friend or catch a glimpse of a new, unique-looking product in a nearby booth.

With events like “Outtech Innovations” and “Connections: An ATA Happy Hour presented by Outdoor Sportsman Group,” you won’t want to miss the excitement. Plus, you can visit with representatives at nearly 500 exhibitor booths! View the Show floor plan and 2022 Schedule of Events now.

Make sure you have the barcode on your confirmation email to print your Express Pass on-site. Photo Credit: ATA

Register Now

Join us for a real, authentic #ATA2022 Show experience in Louisville, Jan. 7-9! It will be worth your time, money and effort. Registration for the 2022 ATA Trade Show will close on Dec. 17, 2021. New member applications will not be accepted or processed on-site.

To register, you must join the ATA or renew your membership. Members should click the “Register and Book Hotels” option in their MyATA member dashboard and follow the prompts to register and pay. You must enter your first name, last name, phone number and email address to register. You’ll receive a confirmation email that has an Express Pass with a QR Code. Save the email because the Express Pass lets you obtain your Show badge and lanyard at the Show. If you’re registering multiple team members, you must enter a different email address for each person so they can each receive their own Express Pass.

Visit the registration webpage for additional details. If you would like assistance with the online registration process, please email or call (866) 266-2776. We’ll see you there!

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