ATA, Archers USA Help First-Time Archers

The ATA and its state wildlife-agency partners will work with Archers USA to ensure beginning archers get off to a good start.
Photo Credit: Archers USA

Author: Cassie Scott

The Archery Trade Association has partnered with Archers USA to help beginning archers learn about modern archery equipment and enjoy their introduction to this lifelong sport.

Archers USA was founded by Dale Morrell, owner of Morrell Targets. The organization helps beginning archers get off to a good start. Morrell thinks successful archers have more fun, confidence and self-esteem, which helps keep them in the sport.

Archers USA also created the Individual Shooting Code and ISC custom equipment to take archers who shoot instinctively with fingers and teach them to use sights, release aids and other advanced gear.

The partnership also helps the ATA connect its state wildlife-agency partners with Archers USA staff, who can help educators merge the ISC system and equipment into their archery programs. As students learn to shoot advanced equipment, they can try more archery disciplines and next-step programs like the ATA’s Explore Bowhunting and Explore Bowfishing.

“Our partnership with the ATA will propel archery education to the next level,” Morrell said. “Archers USA and the ATA believe that by advancing skills and knowledge we can promote target archery and preserve bowhunting for future generations.”

The partnership also advances R3 efforts to recruit, retain and reactivate hunters nationwide. Josh Gold, ATA’s senior manager of R3 and state relations, said more agencies are coordinating their efforts to grow archery and bowhunting.

“This partnership helps state agencies bridge the gap between beginner archery programs and bowhunting,” Gold said. “The ATA helps its members by growing archery and bowhunting in their communities.”

Other industry representatives think highly of the partnership, and believe it will boost industry growth. That includes Samantha Pedder, business development director for the Council to Advance Hunting and Shooting Sports.

“Industry partners with innovations like this demonstrate the partnerships we can forge for R3,” Pedder said. “New participants usually need equipment, and adding the Archers USA ISC system provides more options.”

For more information about the ATA-Archers USA partnership, please contact Jennifer Mazur, ATA’s senior director of outreach and education, at (301) 580-1238 or


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